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Green Ideology: The Concept of Green Politics - Essay Example

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The Enlightenment advocated for 'reason' as a mechanism for establishing an authoritarian system of ethics, aesthetics, government, as well as religion. The primary reason was to provide human beings with an objective truth about the entire issue of reality. …
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Green Ideology: The Concept of Green Politics
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Download file to see previous pages In summary, it can be argued that Green politics is one of the critical ingredients of the green ideology, a major concept of the Post-enlightenment period. It is decisively concerned with designing an ecologically sustainable society rooted in grassroots democratic systems, social justice, non-violence, and environmentalism. Grassroots democracy is majorly concerned with creating institutions that practice local or low-level member participation in the decision-making process. Social justice, on the other hand, proposes for equality when it comes to resource and wealth distributions. Non-violence politics relates to peaceful demonstrations and campaigns to enforce a social or political agenda. Finally, environmentalism proposes better mechanisms to manage the environment and other natural resources through policies. As such, green politics is crucial to current and future generations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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