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Power - Term Paper Example

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The current paper "Power" is primarily purposed to explain that power has been regarded to have innate features hence people have developed a notion that power is a leeway for privileges, wealth and even considering themselves to be of a superior race…
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Extract of sample "Power"

Download file to see previous pages Individual viewMany people view power from a negative perspective while very few individuals view power from a positive perspective. According to Elizabeth Laneway, she claims that we are put off by power because we embrace fear and we think that we do not have the capacity to work with responsibilities associated with power. The famous phrase about power by Lord Action that, power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely has made many individuals to view power as a practice associated with social ills to the community. The fear enacted from power makes many people to remain isolated making thing they can change that are within their capacity to remain unchanged. This is because we fear responsibilities that are associated with power and hence give a chance to other people to make decisions rather that getting involved with that power so as to solve problem surrounding us.Power is a commodity that is dormant in each and every individual until one decides to exploit the potential and put it into action. Every individual has got the capacity to assimilate others hence effecting changes in communities hence providing long term solutions to community problems.Philosophers and theologians view Philosophers and theologians have a different view about power. They have intensified their research in trying to determine the concept of power and trying to bring out the real explanation pertaining power. They consider power to be a neutral term being neither good nor bad until it is applied to human acts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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