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Marxs and Wollstonecraft on Societal Issues - Essay Example

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Wollstonecraft's overall view on the role of men and women just like Marx's is the existence of class struggle. In the paper "Marxs and Wollstonecraft on Societal Issues", some similarities in their thoughts are compared with a view of understanding their individual contribution to modern society…
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Marxs and Wollstonecraft on Societal Issues
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Extract of sample "Marxs and Wollstonecraft on Societal Issues"

Download file to see previous pages Carl Marx argued that capitalist system was a source of alienation of workers in earlier days. In his book, he summarized areas of oppression and alienation into four fundamental areas of concern. Firstly, he argued that laborers were alienated from product and services. He expressed concern in the society that it had been taken over by what he described as fetishism of money. In his writings, he expressed displeasure in the manner in which society was evaluating men based on their materialistic credibility. This is quite similar to Wollstonecraft view on alienation of women, in her book “A Vindication of the Rights of Women,” that criticizes acutely society that gave men preference over women.
Although the two authors’ argument is based on different societal issues, gender equality, and economic equity, they have a nuanced agreement in the creation of fairness. Marx, for instance, argues that men should not be isolated based on their material possession, but from their abilities and skills addition to the economy . Similarly, Wollstonecraft argues that women should not be discriminated. In her book, she argues that women deserve education that is consummate to their needs in society. She premised her thoughts that better-educated women will result in better-educated society since women determine educational outcome of the children. Both are good proponents of a just society that is free of economic and gender discrimination.
Secondly, Marx argues that laborers have been belittled and viewed as lesser human beings. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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