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The researcher of the essay "Early Adulthood" aims to analyze the very important period of a person’s life. The individual goes through the challenges in many spheres of life. This period imposes a variety of developmental tasks. There are many challenges and stages through all these tasks…
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Early Adulthood
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Early Adulthood Early Adulthood is very important period of a person’s life. Individual goes through the different challenges in many spheres of life. This period imposes a variety of developmental tasks. People have to become mature, separate from parents, earn money, develop career and, of course, establish a family, conceive, and nurture children. There are many challenges and stages through all these tasks.
According to Erikson, early adulthood means resolving a dichotomy intimacy vs. isolation (Feldman, 2006). People summarize all the romantic and sexual experience they had to become more mature and ready for establishing a stable relationships, which often become a family. In modern society growing number of people choose cohabitation instead of traditional marriage. They may do it due to variety of reasons. Mainly they concern care about own comfort and absence of responsibility to save relationships forever. There is a huge amount of divorces, which may also worsen the attitude to marriage. People tend to follow a pattern of child’s attachment and apply it to the adult life and their lovers and spouses, which is not always useful, considering the fact that the very many unhappy and dissatisfied couples.
There are two major types of love: passionate and companionate (Feldman, 2006). They may combine with each other. Passionate love rather often become companionate. Companionate love may become passionate but it is a rare phenomenon, I suppose. There are important aspects of love as intimacy, passion and decision, or commitment. There are various types of love, created by the presence and absence of the aspects, yet the most harmonious love includes all the three. With the age intimacy mainly grows, passion falls and commitment grows and becomes stable for a long time.
People also have to strengthen their relationships with friends. They become deeper, and some people may become new friends. All the valuable connections are important for people, as happiness is widely determined by the amount of happy memories – which concern more psychological aspects, rather than material needs and desires fulfillment. Lack of psychological fulfillment leads to frustration, dissatisfaction and lack of happy memories and, thus, lack of overall happiness.
Another crucial aspect is to find a place within the society and develop own career. Young adults have to develop features needed for a successful career. It is a very important thing, as people spend a lot of time on work – which leads to shortening quantity of children in the family. Work is not only about earning – it is about status, recognition, identity, self-realization and many other essential aspects.
Early Adulthood is the outcome from the previous periods of life and is a preparation to Middle Adulthood with its tasks for development. People face many difficult questions and challenges that build them up. People have to develop simultaneously in various spheres of life. They stop being children only and start having own children. They discover what they want to do in their lives. Definitely, love maturation is a crucial step of this period. Romance and addiction start to obtain ground and responsibilities. Many fantasies are getting broken and the reality comes up and people have to manage it.
Feldman, R. (2006). Social and Personality Development in Early Adulthood. In Development across the life span (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Read More
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Early Adulthood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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