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Virtues - Essay Example

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This essay describes that honesty is a core part of relationships that builds trust. Integrity is defined as staying honest and having strong moral principles. Honesty is the quality of being clear of deceit, truthful and sincere (Oxford Dictionaries, 2015)…
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Extract of sample "Virtues"

Download file to see previous pages Integrity is defined as staying honest and having strong moral principles. For instance using the turn signal lights in a car. I make it a personal choice to use turn signals when turning off an empty road or in a parking lot. I strive to promise what I can deliver. This has made it easier for me to say no to what I cannot do and in turn my integrity is nourished.Work ethic is the policy that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. Practice leads to perfection. It applies to academics, sports and life in general. What you reap is what you sow. Consistently, I have worked hard at my academics, and it has proved that work ethics does apply. Colin Powell states "A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." Teamwork is the effective and efficient action of a group. Teamwork can never be overrated. If you need to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk with others. From the football pitch to the classroom, I have enjoyed the fruits of collaboration. In class discussions, I have always found previously hard concepts explained by others. I have improved my grades through such group discussions. Self-discipline is the ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses. In high school, I would procrastinate a lot. Then I started rewarding myself for following a checklist of activities previously written down. Now in my undergraduate I can attest to the power of self-discipline as a virtue. However, fully mastering it is still a process, not a destination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Virtues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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Virtues and values

... are clouded by overtly political influences that much of the research surrounding them has been flavored by. Consequently, the research will also seek to answer when and where these concepts should be applied, to what degree, and how they might relate to a situation which might involve medical ethics. Firstly, it is necessary to define these terms. If one were to ask a stranger on the street the distinct differences between virtues and values, they may stammer to find a logical way in which these can be separated in an intelligent fashion to denote two very separate and distinct thought processes and/or meanings (Martinsen, 2011, p. 176, par. 3). However, regardless of their overall similarity, the fact remains that there is a great deal...
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The Erikson Life-Stage Virtues

...of the stages of man's life, as illustrated below The Erikson life-stage virtues, in the order of the stages in which they may be acquired, are: 1. Hope - Basic Trust vs. Mistrust - Infant stage. Does the child believe its caregivers to be reliable 2. Will - Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt - Toddler stage. Child needs to learn to explore the world. Bad if the parent is too smothering or completely neglectful. 3. Purpose - Initiative vs. Guilt - Kindergarten - Can the child plan or do things on his own, such as dress himself. If "guilty" about making his own choices, the child will not function well. 4. Competence - Industry vs. Inferiority - Around age 6. Child comparing self worth to others (such as in a...
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Virtues of Saint Monica and Rebekah

...Virtues of Saint Monica and Rebekah The stories of Saint Monica and Rebekah are both reflective of the power of God revealed through women. Their virtues, their views of marriage, their ideas about responsibilities to their husbands are worthy to be admired and followed. Saint Monica of Hippo is a Christian saint and the mother of Saint Augustine (Bohol Philippines Travel Guide). Saint Monica was a Berber descent, the indigenous people of North Africa, but she has never showed an attitude of an unschooled, undisciplined person. Instead, she grew to be virtuous despite the many temptations to be proud and rebellious (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.). Saint Monica's virtues were highlighted in her marriage. Although she was brought...
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Virtues that pharmacists should possess 2

... Ages, and eventually by Europeans over the last three hundred years. One of the most important aspects of pharmacy are the high professional standards in the field. Many of the decisions that pharmacists make are life and death ones, and so we require a strong code of ethics from them. Like many other important professions they are respected but they are also held to high standards. According to Peterson (2004), virtues are core characteristics that are valued by philosophers and religious thinkers which add value to the character possessed by an individual to make them suited to perform in a task, vocation or leadership position. Peterson suggests that although the virtues of wisdom, justice, courage, humanity, temperance...
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Universal Virtues

.... Remarkably, individuals fail to practice and put into consideration the universal virtues. Consequently, individuals undergo a tremendous transformation in their lives which hinders them from actually realizing their abilities and potentials to embrace any of the virtues. Leaders are meant to act as a role models to the people and have the responsibility of practicing all the six universal virtues to ensure efficiency in their ruling (Chiles, 2007). Unfortunately, they fail to adopt all of them but only achieve to practice just a few. In the decision making process, a leader can make a wise and just decision but lacks the courage to support his decision. According to Chiles (2007), wisdom, courage and humanity are the most...
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What are my virtues

...nses from teachers, friends, acquaintances and other people I interact with. 4. None of is successful all of the time modeling our virtues. What are some obstacles to walking your talk? I have to admit that sometimes, practicing those virtues could be difficult. The most common obstacle is expedience of an option or a way out which is not consistent with the values of keeping my word that I strive to practice. For example, it is extremely difficult to keep a promise I made to my parents that I will wake up by 4 a.m. because of an errand that I had to do. It is however very easy to make that promise but when the time comes that I have to keep the promise, I am often tempted to renege it because I am still sleepy. But I woke up...
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Two Important Virtues

... is the one that is between deficiency and the excess of that trait. Braveness as a virtue will make an individual pursue all his or her dreams no matter the evident obstacles on the way (Macaro & NetLibrary, 2006). Industriousness is another virtue that Aristotle highlighted as important for the success of an individual. It entails working tirelessly so as to improve an individual’s life. If this virtue is put into practice, an individual’s life is liable to flourish or succeed remarkably (OToole, 2005). These two virtues are essential because they will keep the individuals in the right truck that is likely to lead his or her to success. Braveness will enable an individual to keep going no matter how hard the journey may be while...
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The Relativity of Virtues

...’ (Emerson 163). This means that virtues are intended to be the beginning of an action or a transition to a new level of character. Emerson states that “the virtues of society are vices of the saint” (Emerson 163). This means that human beings tend to conform to the behaviors and actions that are perceived to be virtues in the society. As a result of this conformity, people fail in developing self-reliance and may perceive actions or behaviors that are not identified as virtues in their society to be vices. For example, during the era of slavery, a person who spoke of compassion or equality for the slaves can easily be dubbed a villain. However, the belief that all human beings are equal and have a right to be free is a virtue. Therefore...
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Traditional Roman Republic Virtues versus Christian Virtues

... of their religious right, while the traditional Roman Republic promotes the virtue of purity for women and the virtue of courage for men through defending the honor of their family at all costs. Perpetua and Lucretia depict different virtues as women, wherein Perpetua is shown as virtuous because she willingly accepted suffering for her faith, while Lucretia took suffering in her own hands and asked others to avenge her marred integrity because she and her society assigned ultimate virtue on her sexual purity. Perpetua is different from Lucretia because she lived by the Christian virtue of suffering for her faith rather than renouncing it. She shows courage in accepting her suffering. Her punishment was to face gladiators, and, before...
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Virtues That Pharmacists Should Possess

... of relevant literature, focus group interviews to narrow possible virtues in good pharmacists and a survey of pharmacists and students to cater for perspectives with a reasonably large sample (<500 respondents) will help decide about virtues in good pharmacists that will assist with professional development. Simplified abstract (150 words – in a form suitable for a 14 year old) Pharmacists care for those who must use medicines to get better. Medicines can cure, but many medicines and medical supplies are dangerous. Thus, it is important for pharmacists to dispense medicines carefully and to care for those who must use medicines. Pharmacists must consider the situation of a patient, the medicines they want and decide if certain medicines...  Virtues That Pharmacists Should Possess 1 Technical abstract (150 words) Pharmacy is a patient-centred profession and not a product-for-profit centred occupation. Thus, pharmacists must assess better the medicinal requirements of those who want medicines in the best interest of the patients and the public at large. Dilemmas presented to pharmacists in the practice of their profession bring tensions that must be resolved to deliver best possible actions. The right virtues and character traits ensure that...
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