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This essay stresses thatt the dependency has undergone immense transformation since inception. Most cities in the international system are shifting their focus to sustainable automobiles. Peak cars have gained prominence in some cities around the world. …
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Beyond Auto Dependence
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REFLECTION ON FIELD TRIP Beyond Auto Dependence Introduction The dependency has undergone immense transformation since inception. Most cities in the international system are shifting their focus to sustainable automobiles. Peak cars have gained prominence in some cities around the world. Automobile dependency has critical implications for consumers, the economy and the society. Less dependence on cars increases convenience and mobility for the motorists. Consequently, the refined forms of transportation reduces the application of other modes of transport. Such tendencies aid in the adoption of unique modes of transportation and ensures noble use of dispersed land. The economic impacts of automobile dependency cannot be overemphasized. The adoption of peak cars can positively or negatively affect productivity, economic development, employment, and competitiveness.
The development of cities is dependent on the adoption of a sustainable mode of transport. The future of the cities is defined by the extent to which automobile can be discarded for alternative economic establishments. Cities should endeavor to improve urban centers and enhance the public spaces meant for cyclists and pedestrians. Kenworthy1 states that it is necessary to improve the urban centers and enhance the public space for pedestrians and cyclists. The infrastructure design should take into consideration the plight of the populations that use the pathways or cycle to various destinations. The development of freeways promotes the use of cars yet such propensities extract the land that can otherwise be used for other essential development. The governments or authorities should avoid building destructive freeways. Consequently, the destructive section should be eliminated as a consequence of enhancing the safety of the populace. Catastrophic foundations can be detrimental to the well-being of the cyclists and the pedestrians.
Cities should introduce welfare structures that allow citizens to share cars and bicycles. Car-on-demand schemes should be introduced in various jurisdictions to reduce car ownership. Car ownership is responsible for the congestion that is witnessed in urban settings. Kenworthy notes that it is important to introduce vehicle car and bike sharing and car-on-demand schemes to help reduce car ownership2. Congestion should be penalized to discourage the ownership and embrace sharing. The construction of quality transit infrastructures should be encouraged. Rail system provides the best option that allows individuals to transit from one place to another3. Additionally, rail systems do not propagate congestion and are one of the best alternative modes of transport.
The use of trains for transportation is testimony that the possibility of people sharing in terms of mobility is high. Sustainable development is attainable if the choices are geared towards an adoption of efficient methods that can leverage on transportation4. An integrated mobility management system should be used to manage the transportation sector. The advancement of such strategies is based on enhancing a transport system that is effective and efficient.
The establishment of sustainable cities is based on factors that have positive and negative implications for the development of urban settings. The use of peak cars has gained momentum because of their positive influence on the society and the promotion of sustainability. Alternative designs are being instituted by cities to promote the viability and development of the transport sector. The use of trains promotes the essence of sharing and reduction of congestion in the urban set-up.
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