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Examining the Effectiveness of Bicameralism - Essay Example

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Bicameralism entails a legislature that is characterized by the division of legislators into two assemblies. This approach tends to have an influence on presidential and parliamentary systems. …
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Examining the Effectiveness of Bicameralism
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Extract of sample "Examining the Effectiveness of Bicameralism"

Download file to see previous pages Bicameralism entails a legislature that is characterized by the division of legislators into two assemblies. This approach tends to have an influence on presidential and parliamentary systems. The presidential system would have the legislators elected directly by the separate chambers. A parliamentary system assumes a different approach as it is characterized by the presence of a lower and an upper chamber. The first chamber has the legislators elected directly while those in the second chamber can be elected directly or indirectly. The effectiveness of a bicameral system has been contended as some see it as a virtue of any constitutional design as another term it as a suggestion of weakness in any legislative system. Citing related literature, we can establish that bicameralism has a unique history and was established with an aim of balancing the needs of the majority and the minority, but the division can make deliberation of legislature slow and laborious.
Bicameralism finds its roots in Europe where the likes of Aristotle suggested the need for a multi-chambered legislature. The logic behind Bicameralism was the fact that the society always has people on both extreme ends. The groups have unique features that are distinctively defined such that they should be represented separately. This notion became popular in medieval Europe, and many European countries were inspired to assume this direction (Tsebelis & Money, 2009). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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