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Political culture - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Political culture" suggests that there is a pair of concepts that often generates heated debates in the society. They are liberty and equality. A part of the population argues that government should never interfere with the private lives. …
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Political culture
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Extract of sample "Political culture"

Political culture If one takes a look at political culture of the United s, one will have to point out thatthere are several essential elements of it. First of all, the citizens of this country are strongly convinced that any processes that happen in the society should be performed according to the applicable legislation; in other words, the rule of law is one of the most significant elements of it (Sellers and Tomaszewski 88). In addition to that, people believe that they are responsible for electing the government and the President; so, they acknowledge their role in formation of the political world (Schultz 229). This has important implication as if the government does not act according to the will of the majority it can be dismissed.
There is a pair of concepts that often generates heated debates in the society. They are liberty and equality. A part of the population argues that government should never interfere with the private lives, while other are willing to surrender a part of their liberties to feel secured. A good example is the discussion of USA PATRIOT Act after September 11. As for equality, some suggest that all citizens should be recognized as equal and goods and services should be equally distributed, while others favor natural inequality as a result of one’s personal endeavor.
Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages should be recognized as legal and this contributed to conflicts over the meaning of liberty and equality. A part of the nation argues that marriages as a personal matter and the government cannot dictate who to marry; furthermore, sexual minorities should be seen as equal to ordinary citizens.
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Political Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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