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Challenges Facing the Development of Social Enterprises in China - Essay Example

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China has become the best destination for the multinational companies. This paper will therefore, analyze the issues that are facing the development of these social enterprises while making reference to specific challenges that face their governance and accountability. …
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Challenges Facing the Development of Social Enterprises in China
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the development of the social enterprises is hindered by the challenges regarding attracting, retaining, and developing talents. With the social enterprise sector being young compared to other countries across the world, they can only achieve growth by ensuring that new ideas are refined in order to create growth opportunities to the enterprises. Many of the multinational organizations have been able to thrive in the markets because they have experienced workforce which is able to guide the rest of the subordinates. However, in China, the social enterprises are young. Therefore, the managers do not have the necessary skills to guide the young generation working in these enterprises on how to nurture their talents in order to make a difference in the organization.
This report makes a conclusion that The complexity of registering a social enterprise has made it hard for them to expand to other areas, an aspect that would enable them to increase the number of beneficiaries. Many of these enterprises are located in urban areas. With lack of support from the government and many registration hurdles, the enterprises have been unable to open up various subsidiaries in the rural areas in order to help more people. In addition, constant internal wrangles regarding the best places to establish these branches have been affecting the progress of these institutions in China. The reason is that there are no effective internal mechanisms to solve these issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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