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Federal Program - Essay Example

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The Environment Protection Agency as one of the federal government protection programs originated from the need to consolidate and expand the environmental programs in 1970. It was on 22nd April that the American environmentalism dawned as one of the popular movements. The…
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Federal Program
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Download file to see previous pages In the later years it was additionally expanded with other considerations. For instance, in 1972, it was expanded with the Clean Water act, the safe Drinking water Act in 1974, the Toxic substances control Act in 1976, and the Resource conservation and recovery act in 1976. The main effort was to make an improvement on the environmental protection. However, it also led to the creation of a number of materials. These included the Materials transportation board in 1975. This board currently forms a major part of the research and special programs administration in the DOT. The other creation was the Office of surface mining Reclamation and enforcement that was established in 1977 within the department of the interior. Since the inception of the Environmental protection agency, a particular meaning has been attached to the influence of nature. This means that the nation has been able to celebrate clean air, land, and water (OIRAOMB, 2015).
The House of Representatives Subcommittee that is responsible for the oversight of the Environmental Protection agency is the subcommittee on the water resources and the environment. This has been based on the need to oversee the general matters of the issues that are related to the development of water resources, conservation and management, the control of water pollution and water related infrastructure, as well as the cleanup of any hazardous wastes. There are other subcommittees in the senate that have the oversight responsibility of environmental protection. They include the Agriculture, nutrition and forestry that are charged with the mandate to conserve forestry and natural resources. The commerce science and transportation subcommittee is charged with overseeing the ocean atmosphere, fisheries and forest guard. In addition, the energy and natural resources subcommittee deals with the regulation of energy, public lands, forests, water and power (Gibbs, 2015).
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