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Authentic Counselor - Coursework Example

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Being open means being accepting and willing to talk and discus about anything, which promotes trust. Being genuine is important because if clients are willing to be 100 %…
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Authentic Counselor
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Extract of sample "Authentic Counselor"

Authentic Counselor Authentic counsellor The phrase “the authentic therapist/counselor” conveys one as beinggenuine and open as a counselor. Being open means being accepting and willing to talk and discus about anything, which promotes trust. Being genuine is important because if clients are willing to be 100 % with their counselor then the counselor needs to be 100 % with their client. This enables the client to feel that they are in a trustworthy environment. There should be no hidden agenda or motive between a counselor and a client. Therefore, it is important for an authentic counselor not to hide and throw out clinical jargons (American Counseling Association, 2014).
Such counselors require certain qualities such as having a good sense of who they are, what they are dealing with and be aware of their shortcomings and care about the needs of their clients. There are characteristics in authentic counseling, which include honesty and willingness for the participants to accept and admit when they are wrong (Scott, 2012). Other characteristics that are necessary are asking sincere questions, listening actively and emphasizing. An authentic counselor must have an identity, appreciate, and respect him or herself. They must recognize and accept their power and be open-minded to change, feeling alive, having a sense of humor, and making appropriate decisions. Authentic counselors must be able to live in the present, appreciate culture, have an interest in other people’s welfare, and find value in their work, which enables them to create healthy relationships with their clients (American Counseling Association, 2014)..
An authentic counselor means someone who is real and honest with his or her clients. This means that something that is real is something that is valuable or rare therefore clients should be able to value their counselors and therefore find worth in their sessions.
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American Counseling Association,. (2014). The ACA encyclopedia of counseling. New York: John Wiley & Sons
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Scott, S., & Lambert, H. (2012). Counseling the hard cases: True stories illustrating the sufficiency of Gods resources in Scripture. Nashville, Tenn: B & H Academic.
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