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Policy Debate: Secrecy and Openness in the War on Terrorism - Essay Example

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Some individuals argue that greater government secrecy is fundamental in fighting terrorism because certain information accessed through open sources is used against the people. Individuals with the ill intent of carrying out terrorist activities make good use of publicly…
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Extract of sample "Policy Debate: Secrecy and Openness in the War on Terrorism"

YourFirst YourLast 24 June Secrecy and Openness in the War on Terrorism Some individuals argue that greater government secrecy is fundamental in fighting terrorism because certain information accessed through open sources is used against the people. Individuals with the ill intent of carrying out terrorist activities make good use of publicly available sources of information to plan their attacks. For instance, vital installations of government institutions such as the headquarters of law enforcement agencies, and other critical facilities such as nuclear power plants are targets that are favorable to terrorists. Individuals in support of protecting information argue that government activities and access to essential information should be controlled to avert a crime.
Terrorists do not fight conventional wars where individuals meet on the battlefield to see who emerges the winner. They employ tactics that are seen to make life difficult for people non-partisan to their cause. It, therefore, becomes very disheartening when information available for the public to consume is used against innocent individuals. On the other hand, restricting access to information for the citizens may promote violations of peoples freedoms (Hancock 287). It becomes a delicate balancing act for the government because on one side, access to information may be used against the people it is supposed to protect, and limited access may directly or indirectly infringe on the peoples rights.
Many people will argue that bureaucracies are necessary for ensuring quality provision of services and efficiency (Ginsberg et al. 389). The government and all the stakeholders involved should find a common sitting ground to work with government bureaucracies for the sake of security and promotion of freedom. It is upon the legislators and the citizens alike to consult each other in matters of safety and individual liberties. A little sacrifice on either side to achieve the right balance is the way to go.
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