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This can be viewed in terms of their terms in office. For instance, the fact that they only take two years in office before they go for reelection is clear…
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Political Science Discussion 2
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Political Science Discussion Representative Congress It is important to understand that the members of Congress are representative of the American people in several ways. This can be viewed in terms of their terms in office. For instance, the fact that they only take two years in office before they go for reelection is clear evidence that the members are representative of the American people (Zegart, 27). Other than the above, the demographic variables also prove that the members of Congress are representative of the people. For instance, the issue of gender balance is always observed as more women are always being elected (Christine, 36). Moreover, ethnic and racial considerations also prove that the members are fully representative of the American people. This follows that minority ethnic groups are also being elected to the Congress.
2. Presidential Evaluation
The American people have changed considerably relevant to what they want, as well as, expect in a president as evident from the reign of George Washington to the current president. According to the current expectations, the Americans want a president who can act fast and decisively on problems facing the nation including crime as well as drug abuse. Moreover, the Americans want a president who can perform well under pressure (Zegart, 41). Such a president must communicate effectively and commands a lot of trust from the citizens. These are some of the qualities that make a good president. Based on the above criteria, it is important to say that Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barrack Obama were and are, good presidents.
3. Judicial Term Limit
The constitution should be amended in order to allow the federal judges to serve only a single, non-renewable and fixed 10-year term. Doing this cannot undermine the independence of the courts and their ability to uphold unpopular rights. However, amending the constitution to allow federal judges a fixed non-renewable term will be very significant in eliminating the possibility of bad judges remaining in the bench indefinitely. This will make the judges become more competent and very smart in their work, thus offering quality services to the people.
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