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Women would succeed in combat if given the chance - Essay Example

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Women would succeed in combat if given the chance
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Extract of sample "Women would succeed in combat if given the chance"

Download file to see previous pages pression of poor women, heterosexist bureaucracy, environmental ruin, and militarization all raise weighty issues for feminist movements today.1 Although feminist movements all over the world have been diversely triumphant, we become heir to several issues women of the earlier periods confronted. However, there are new issues as well as we try to understand a world permanently blemished by the unsuccessful attempt of communist and postcolonial capitalist societies to meet the economic, social, religious, and psychological demands of most of the world’s people. Globalization has increasingly become representative of the motives and goals of the free market and companies rather than autonomy and liberty from economic, cultural, and political subjugation for all the inhabitants of the world.2
There are several of the issues tackled in ‘women and war’. It adopts as its basic arguments the importance of the involvement of feminist movements in both local and global political, economic, and cultural mechanisms, and the importance of a global discourse in creating an ethical tradition able to endure and revolutionize the oppressive and commodified processes of the global economy and community.3 The discussion raises the value of feminist research and analysis and aims to build connections between mobilizing, deliberation, and analysis. The discussion of ‘women and war’ offer methodical and workable interventions into the Western-dominated discipline, while at the same time emphasizing the effort that can and has to be carried out to visualize and promote cross-cultural feminist unity.
The topic ‘women and war’ is a key representation of the ties between mobilizing, deliberation, and analysis and the actualization of feminist unity promoted by such topic. Drawing on diverse readings and documents, the discussion has introduced a general, compelling, critical analysis of global gendered militarism, emphasizing women’s opposition to it. Furthermore, this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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