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Though constituents elect Congress members, there should be term limits for congressmen in the office through constitution amendment. Previous American administration such as that of Clinton and…
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Download file to see previous pages Most of the Congress members that stay in the office for long usually get involved in corruption to serve their interests. Limiting the number of terms in the office will ensure such leaders do not continue with their criminal acts. Besides, having limited terms will ensure politicians in Congress will enact good legislation as the rules will affect them when they leave the office (Our Generation 1).
A fixed term for Congress members also gives the opportunity to have diversity kind of leadership from different individuals (Caress & Todd, 170). Most of the politicians have great influence in the area they head and do not get voted out even if they are doing poor jobs. Some of the Congress members will not know what their voters want since they know their influence in the society will lead to their reelection. If the same individual is holding an office for a long time, they may deliver low-quality services and it will be hard to detect. Different leaders for the same position at different times give an opportunity for changes that contribute to better future. Amendments to the Constitution for Congress members to have fixed term also ensure there are new ideas delivering quality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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