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Legislative & Executive Branches - Essay Example

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The article is about the recent event that illustrates the theme of legislative and executive branches covered during this weeks content on the Congress. Recently, the Congress debated on the Trade Act…
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Legislative & Executive Branches
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Extract of sample "Legislative & Executive Branches"

Lecturer Theme of legislative and executive branches This paper summarizes one of the articles from the website – The article is about the recent event that illustrates the theme of legislative and executive branches covered during this weeks content on the Congress. Recently, the Congress debated on the Trade Act of 2015. This Act consists of two parts, TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and TPA (Trade Promotion Authority).
If adopted, Congress would consider trade deals without the senators or members of upper and lower chamber to propose any amendment. The TPA would also give the President of US the power to sign trade agreements with any foreign nation. PTA includes a couple of negotiating objectives that such trade agreements must work towards. According to the article, to uphold Congressional oversight, the Act mandates that in the course of the process of negotiating trade agreement, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) should meet with and give access to important or classified documents up on request by Members of Congress.
This article explains the theme covered in this weeks content on the Congress in the sense that the Congress, as part of the three branches of the U.S. government, is accorded significant role by the Constitution. Legislative powers is devolved to the Congress, meaning that the Congress is the only arm of the government which can change existing laws or make new laws. Executive branch only issue regulations, but these are merely under the power of laws passed by the Congress. If the President reject the bill, the Congress may override that rejection by a simple two-thirds vote. If the President`s rejection of the bill is overruled, the he should act by strengthening his tie with the senators and house representatives. That response is the best way to have his will respected.
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“Summaries for the Trade Act of 2015”. n.p., n.d. Web 17th July, 2015
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