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655 Research outline and citations - Assignment Example

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The aspect of volunteering does not involve financial gains, but it purposively aids an individual to exploit the dimensions of fun, socialization, and skill…
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655 Research outline and citations
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Extract of sample "655 Research outline and citations"

Professional Development Professional Development Introduction Volunteering in community projects is an awesome way to utilize thespare time while building one’s capacities. The aspect of volunteering does not involve financial gains, but it purposively aids an individual to exploit the dimensions of fun, socialization, and skill development. Volunteer activities impact positively not only on the person engaged, but also to the communities served. Further, these volunteer activities help an individual to gain the necessary experience, furnish the personal image, and develop a sustainable network and contacts (Jiranek, 2013). Moreover, they build one’s morale and the ability to work in a team boosting the leadership skills that the contemporary world so desire.
As the societies are becoming litigious, it is important to integrate the aspect of ethics into the volunteer programs. The case will help to bolster an understanding toward the expectations of the communities. Besides, the level of ethics incorporated into the volunteer activities will accentuate the levels of open-mindedness, realism, and the extent of being informed. Further, the situation will guide professional development due interactions with many people from diverse settings (Samuel, Wolf & Schilling, 2013).
Impact of interpersonal challenge
In the contemporary arena, many people aspire to give back to their communities. Volunteering in a myriad of activities helps in the realization of this situation. The volunteer activities bring moments of happiness into the other people’s lives through helping them achieve what they desire (Angood, 2015). Similarly, long-term volunteer activities have lots of rewards to the doer as they satisfy their emotional and spiritual conceptions (Dekker, 2003). Moreover, the beneficiaries will have their social lives enhanced and a there will be a smile left after termination of the volunteer activities. The volunteers will have better social and relational skills, gain experience, build confidence, and retain their physical health (Jenkinson, 2013).
Results of the research
Compounded in leadership, volunteerism should build on the principles such as; having a realization that missions motivate while maintenance does not. In this context, the organizations such as the ODNRA need to develop strong missions and mission statements that help and guide the volunteers in the execution of their duties and responsibilities (Volunteer Government, 2015). Also, as a leader, one should avoid falling prey to the trap of a generalist or a specialist. Contextually, the leader must have it in mind that the sole duty is to influence and not to perfect (Borus, 2012). These principles align the challenge of volunteering in the notion of its evaluation.
Vast studies propose that before decides to become a volunteer, there are many considerations that need a deeper insight. While the persons can benefit from participating in the volunteering exercise, it can have varied impacts on their lives. Hence, it is critical for the individuals to have informed decisions as they decide to give it a try (Rodell, 2015). The researchers note that volunteers have a likelihood of donating as opposed to non-volunteers (NCOC, 2015).
At times, volunteering becomes a challenge that need urgent mitigation. More often than not, volunteers feel out of place, exhausted, and quickly drop the responsibilities that they execute. The situation exacerbates if the volunteers do not receive better induction, support, and recognition in their working milieu. Firstly, for the volunteer activities to continue there should be a targeted induction process to enable the volunteers have a wider scope of the duties expected of them. Secondly, volunteers require support and guidance throughout their stay. Strong support and motivation will lead to the retention of the volunteers and offer more services to the societies. Lastly, recognition is key to the confidence and esteem exhibited by the volunteers. Therefore, the organizations need to refocus the notion of recognition to enable them exploit the workforce of these volunteers (Ohnson, 2015).

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