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God Grew tired of us - Essay Example

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Christopher Quinn’s documentary film dubbed God Grew Tired of Us is a memoir based on the tribulations of some 25,000 Sudanese men fleeing their homeland following years of civil unrest and persistent warfare. The film documents the experiences of these young men identified as…
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God Grew tired of us
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Extract of sample "God Grew tired of us"

Response to God Grew tired of us Christopher Quinn’s documentary film dubbed God Grew Tired of Us is a memoir based onthe tribulations of some 25,000 Sudanese men fleeing their homeland following years of civil unrest and persistent warfare. The film documents the experiences of these young men identified as the Lost Boys of Sudan as they struggled to find their way to the ‘free world.’ Anguish, starvation, disease, and death were just the pervasive difficulties that the excursion entailed as depicted in the film.Quinn assigned the title God Grew Tired of Usseemingly to underscore the severity of the predicament that these men had to endure. Even as the film specializes in this particular historic incidence, it allures to similar distress faced by innocent civilians in other African countries as a result of political fallout and persistent warfare.
As they persistently strive to endure or at least survive the distress, hope is seemingly lost along with faith and the promise of better days. Written in their faces are memoirs of despair, misery, and desolation. They look up to God only He is seemingly absent or ignorant of their plight. Even as all hope seems lost, there appears to be some hope in humanity as witnessed in the actions of well-wishers and the humanitarian assistance offered by Red Cross and the UN. The fleeing men found some reprieve as the exodus took a detour heading south into Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp.
As one of the worst humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa, the exodus from Sudan offers various perspectives on the role of humanity and how our actions have consequences on others. Love, compassion, and kindness may be lost on some of us but it still runs deep among a passionate minority of humans. Read More
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God Grew Tired of Us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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