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Canadian v.s. American Healthcare System - Essay Example

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The United States has a multi-layer healthcare system, which is privately owned. The introduction of Obama Care sought to ensure that more Americans has increased…
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Canadian v.s. American Healthcare System
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Extract of sample "Canadian v.s. American Healthcare System"

Download file to see previous pages In Canada, the single layer healthcare system seems to deliver outcomes, which are more positive, explaining why members of the public have exhibited preferences for it. There is a salient need for both countries to provide their citizens with reliable access to quality health care as well as preventive health care services. However, the multi-layer healthcare system in the United States has presented certain disadvantages that serve as barriers to the delivery of quality health care and access to health care services when needed. On the other hand, the single layer system in Canada has received an appraisal for its fairness and efficiency, ensuring that all the citizens can have access to health care services. This paper will compare the Canadian healthcare system with the American health care system. The paper will place emphasis on the fact that the Canadian single layer system is more effective and has a more desirable outcome than the American health care system.
There has been an increasing controversy over the increasing number of uninsured people in the United States. The American government seeks to develop strategies for reducing the number of uninsured people and ensuring that every American has access to quality health care. However, the reforms made in the healthcare sector do not match the efficiency presented by the Canadian single-tier health care system. The United States operates on a multi-layer healthcare system. The multi-layer healthcare system depends entirely on employment. Only some layers of the healthcare system are government sponsored. The greatest providers of health care insurance in the United States are private companies. Many critics have described the American health care insurance system as privately owned. On the other hand, the Canadian health care system is publicly owned. A close analysis of the Canadian system reveals that it is a universal insurance coverage offered by provincial health insurance plans. Both the federal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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