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Iraq post-WWII - Essay Example

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Post colonialism is an academic discipline featuring ways of intellectual discourse that analyse, explain and respond to the cultural ligancies of colonialism and imperialism to the human consequences of controlling a country and establishing stateliness for economic…
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Iraq post-WWII
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Extract of sample "Iraq post-WWII"

Post Iraq World War II Post Colonialism Post colonialism is an academic discipline featuring ways of intellectual dis that analyse, explain and respond to the cultural ligancies of colonialism and imperialism to the human consequences of controlling a country and establishing stateliness for economic exploitation. Iraq is a country known for its riches in oil and many countries such as the United States, Britain and Israel fought for its exploitation for oil. In 1945, state department officials in the United States saw a huge stupendous source of strategic power from the Saudi – Arabian energy resources, where the gulf region was considered to be among the top in regard to rich economic prize pertaining to foreign investment.
Iraq gained its independence in 1932, but remained under the British monarchical rule for some years (Fuccaro, 1997). After the Second World War, the Arab independence in collaboration with the fundamentalist movement went against the British Soviet Union as a way to retreat the British rule. The British used the divide and rule tactic which made Iraq to be politically unstable after the Arab regimes started conflicts among themselves
In the 1970s Iraq was able to outdo the British governance and this brought development freedom to Iraq as it was when they built one of the largest and best equipped armed forces in the Arab world. Strong leaders such Nuri al-Said, Salih Jabr among others formed strong governments to protect their people and signed a number of freedom agreements with the western countries (Fuccaro, 1997). The agreements played a big role since Iraq started to act independently but that did not stop the imperials from the quest for oil.
Regional Cooperation
Under the rule of Nuri al al-Said, Iraq became a stable country for a while and World Bank started offering support through loans to proceed with a number of development projects such construction of bridges and buildings. Iraq also cooperated with some countries and made it possible for the country to sign a pact with Iran, turkey and the United Kingdom known as “the Baghdad pact” (Gibson, 2011). The pact’s main aim was to get many Arab countries to join them and strengthen their ties. The United States could not join the pact since most of the Arab countries were against the west imperialism but after some years, It joined in and assured support to these countries against any attack or aggression by the soviet union and any other powers. Arabs later realised the United States had plans to woo them and control Iraq’s oil and this triggered a war between Iraq and the United States.
Boehmer (2010) argues that George bush administration from the United States started the first war against Iraq to win the exploitation of oil and that led to the formation of The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), which was a combination of groups notably, al-Qaeda ,Muhjaheed and al-Sahhaba who were termed as “ soldiers of the prophet companies” . The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) took Baquba, Iraq’s capital and swore allegiance to their leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.
Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) proceeded to spreading in Syria and many fighters joined with a vow to fight against the United States, (Rolls, 2015). The formation of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS ) posed a great threat to the United states since the group wanted the United State to quit its oil interest in the Middle-East completely (Boehmer, 2010).
Boehmer, E. (2010). Terror and the postcolonial a concise companion. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell.
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Rolls, J (2015) ISIS Mobilizes 20,000 Foreign Fighters in Syria, Iraq -No Conflict since 1945 Has Attracted As Many Fighters From Other Countries 26th January, 2015 from
<> Fuccaro, N. (1997). International journal. Middle East studies 29, 4:559-580.
Gibson, G. (2011) Waveform Politics: Equilibrium Pattern. Oxford. Press. Read More
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