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Public participation - Essay Example

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According to Robert Dahl, throughout the process of making inescapable decisions, citizens must have enough and equal opportunity for expressing preferences as to the eventual outcome (Dahl 68). Enough and adequate…
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Public participation
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Extract of sample "Public participation"

Public Participation Public participation is crucial in aspect of democracy. According to Robert Dahl, throughout the process of making inescapable decisions, citizens must have enough and equal opportunity for expressing preferences as to the eventual outcome (Dahl 68). Enough and adequate opportunities to place questions on the agenda. Community meetings help in making decisions such as; improving the drainage systems, improving of road safety, and opening of health centers. The Claremont and Weaste community committee in Salford held the community committee meeting at the local sports and social club
Appointment of Chair and His Deputy
All members of the committee nominated the chair and his deputy through voting. Free and fair elections were held with willing members of the committee being among the nominees. Free elections mean that citizens can go to polls without terror of reprisal, and for elections to be fair; they must be count with equality (Dahl 89). All the votes were counted as equal in front of the members to assure that their judgements were counted without biasness. The chair and his deputy were then announced to the members and residents immediately after the counting.
Effective Participation
One of the residents offered a suggestion on poor lighting of the streets. He advised on the installation of LED street lights. The resident also asked whether the poor drainage conditions are solved. Weaste ward councilor answered the question that the drainage and plumbing company was informed. The health improvement officer asked for suggestions on the re-housing of the rehabilitation center. It was advised that the center was to be moved from the current location.
Citizen Control of Policy Agenda
Citizens must be active in forming the actual agenda. They should be permitted to suggest on both specific and general matters that are to be discussed and finally decided on (Dahl 123). A resident suggested on a cleanup day, the individual suggested Saturday. The city council was to provide the gloves, in bags, and litter pickers.
Enlightened Understanding
Citizens must be knowledgeable and should be given a chance to express themselves (Dahl 216). Notes on any disabled individual who wanted to participate in the meeting was to call the any of the ward’s clerk for accommodation. A disabled resident on a wheel chair suggested on building of ramps in public places like the city halls to make the movement for the less privileged easier and efficient. Everyone in the society should be given a chance to have the freedom of speech.
Democracy is important in a community and country. Elections help hold a government responsible and let the people participate and play a part in the political process. Citizens in a democratic country are able to influence government’s decisions by participating in protests, forming, and joining political parties. Some countries in the world have not embraced democracy due to religious beliefs or even corruption in the government ceasing them from having the freedom to express their opinions. Generally, democracy is important in the modern age. Direct or representative democracy, it still provides citizens with the opportunities to participate and be in a fair government (Dahl 315).
Works cited
Dahl, Robert A. Democracy And Its Critics. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1989. Print. Read More
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Public Participation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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