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California Laws on Meals and Breaks - Research Paper Example

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This research paper highlights the employee rights are factors that have become critically important within the contemporary work environment. The Labor laws in different countries stipulate specific responsibilities that an employer must comply with during ordinary work days. …
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California Laws on Meals and Breaks
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Extract of sample "California Laws on Meals and Breaks"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that there is evidence that many organizations violate this law and are unwilling to provide this free time to the employees. Besides, some organizations provide these breaks at irregular time while others attach strict conditions regarding the utilization of this period. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to determine how the law should be implemented within the work environment and the role that the employees should play in contributing to the implementation of this law. Evidently, the government needs to support this work policy to reduce the various violation instances in the country. California’s breaks and meals laws provide employers with a framework on how to organize the working and rest period for their employees. According to the law, employers are required to provide their workers with 30 minutes break after every five working hours from the start time if the total working period exceeds 6 hours. Organizations that provide less than 6 working hours are exempted to this law as the government considers this working period considerably short. The implication is that if the workers have to work for more than ten hours, they must be awarded more than two breaks as a resting period. The law strictly requires that the five hours rule be adhered as part as obedience to the law. During the break, the employees are free to use this time for their personal duties rather than work. They are not limited to stay within the work premises and may leave to go to other places. However, they must return as soon as this break period is over to continue with their day work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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