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RESPONSE PAPER for Comparative Politics class - Essay Example

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It analyzed the issue of state-society relations regarding comparative politics. State-society relation, in this case, focused on the capacity of party-state to preserve communism, social harmony, and effects of…
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RESPONSE PAPER for Comparative Politics class
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Extract of sample "RESPONSE PAPER for Comparative Politics class"

Comparative politics due: Comparative politics The news article that I chose was from Questia research. It analyzed the issue of state-society relations regarding comparative politics. State-society relation, in this case, focused on the capacity of party-state to preserve communism, social harmony, and effects of institutional interaction. In regard to what has been learnt in class and the news article, state-society relations show that the nature of political settlement in a country can have a great impact upon state-society relations as will be discussed in this paper.
Relationship between society and state
State-society relation is a concept that arises in the book and will be discussed in this paper in relation to its application in the real world. According to the research article by Questia, the capacity of a party-state aimed at preserving both communist rule and social harmony was lightweight when placed close together against a global and interconnected world. The preference for a panoptic control shows strict constraints deserving a strong emphasis which is the nature of the medium in connection with political context requiring further exploration. This exploration is the communist heritage that is a matter of interdiction as of social mobilization. The Society of China has begun putting into use the resources of new information technology to put effectively pressure on the authority regarding social and economic issues (Questia, 2015).
Wider patterns of social privileges and disadvantages remain as an influence on the public society. Some accounts show that new ways of state-society relations have reduced the influence of class and race on politics and policy (Orvis & Drogus, 2015). Shifts in modes of state-society relations have tampered with the mechanisms of racial influence and social class in ways that sometimes reward economic and social benefits. For example, business mobilization and citizens around economic development and environmental issues in some parts of France and USA has reinforced the local governance against most disadvantaged neighbor-hoods (Orvis & Drogus, 2015). Elsewhere, more so in the northern part of Europe, a great local participation is working to the advantage of marginal groups in social policy. In other developing cities in the world, a growing opposition from the middle and upper-class car owners are underestimating initiatives to curb vehicle pollution.
How do institutions affect sate-society interaction? Although institutions are important, other types of institutions have emerged to control and regulate governmental and state-society relations. Institutional arrangements such as mechanisms for inter-local co-operation within metropolitan areas, cross-level management, regional resource management, and participatory budgeting need to be understood for the role of societal actors in governance (Orvis & Drogus, 2015). A full analysis of individual mechanisms needs concern to their offer to broaden systems of state-society relations. This concern is also needed to the configurations of state and societal controls that contribute to their emergence.
Governance as a guiding approach to an explicit focus of analysis has left the state-society partition of growing limited utility. As long as the society and state remain distinct, the difference between the two will keep on playing a role in the analysis of governance. The challenge for the twenty-first century will be to come up with new and refined formulations that will capture these patterns within a wider crucial perspective that social science will provide.
Orvis, S. W., & Drogus, C. A. (2015). Introducing comparative politics: Concepts and cases in
Questia. (2015). Chinas Changing State-Society Relations in the Internet Age: Case Study of
Zhao Zuohai. Retrieved May 14, 2015, from
society-relations-in-the-internet Read More
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