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Supported Housing for Homeless Persons - Research Paper Example

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The research paper "Supported Housing for Homeless Persons" demonstrates the fact that Hampshire is severely affected by the problem of homelessness in the elderly community. This problem is increasing day by day. The elderly community of the UK is strongly affected by the problem of homelessness…
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Supported Housing for Homeless Persons
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Extract of sample "Supported Housing for Homeless Persons"

Download file to see previous pages Presently the UK is experiencing economic development. But the cost of living in the UK has significantly increased a lot. The price of various products and services is increasing day by day which creates major problems in the daily life of UK people. A particular section of people earns a good amount of money in the UK. But most of the people face problems with their income level for maintaining a healthy life. For this reason, they are forced to leave their parents at their old age. Elder persons cannot contribute enough to earning money. They can bear their own expenses. That is why their children have to bear all their expenses which become problematic to them.
The UK has recently experienced a major downfall in its economy. This economic downfall has created strong negative impacts on various things of its society. For this reason, the pension amount of elder person has decreased a lot. As a result, most of the elder person became financially incapable of living their lives and they have to depend on their children for money. This is not always perceived in a good way by the young people of Hampshire. This factor influences them to leave their parents (Clark and Rich, 2003).
The unemployment level is increasing at a high rate in Hampshire. As a result monetary problems are prevailing in the country. These problems are hampering the lives of people. Income options of Hampshire are becoming very narrow. For this reason, the unemployment level is rising. This makes people incapable of bearing the expenses of their parents. They are more focused on satisfying their own needs and demands with their limited amount of money (Crane and Warnes, 2000).
The cost of a house or the house rent in Hampshire has increased a lot in the past ten years. The elder persons of Hampshire cannot afford to pay a huge amount of money for paying the rent of their houses or maintain their houses. Renting a house has become a major way of earning money from the people of Hampshire. For this reason, they are raising the rents of their houses for earning more money.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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