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My Opinion on Different Issues of Today (From a Democratic Point of View) - Personal Statement Example

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Running head: History and Political Science My Opinion on Different Issues of Today (From a Democratic Point Of View) For Example, Democratic Views on Tax Increases, Unemployment, Housing Crisis, the Death Penalty Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 29 April 2012 Tax increases are spurred by increased government spending and the wish of the government to increase its financial position, which facilitate the luxurious living of the president and other top politicians…
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My Opinion on Different Issues of Today (From a Democratic Point of View)
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"My Opinion on Different Issues of Today (From a Democratic Point of View)"

Download file to see previous pages Their role is to serve the common citizens, and thus they must readily accept to be taxed so that ordinary citizens do not suffer from the changing economy. Politicians should not pass any law or policy that reduces the status of our country and makes the citizens dig dipper into their savings. Increased taxes make employment stressful as it makes people earn less from their jobs. But this is what the government needs so that it can be able to manipulate the electorate. One would logically think that the money realised from increased taxation would enable the government to employ more people; however, in reality, employees work less and spend less as the government legally keeps small chunks of the employees’ hard earned money. This makes the economy to decline, even though the government gets richer with each cent they get from the citizens. The government is only concerned with the big bucks it gets from large corporations, and when it increases the tax rates, small businesses are driven off the markets as every penny they earn is collected by the government. The small businesses entrepreneurs opt to wind up their business instead of giving everything to the government. The super rich individuals would be left to operate the majority of the businesses as they do not have any problem with the government taking a little more of their money through tax. They can also be able to employ many professionals who would ensure that they do not feel the effects of the increased taxation. Despite the increased taxation, everything becomes more expensive, and services and consumable products no longer move from the shelves in shops and supermarkets. The citizens opt to economize their money and they adopt healthy eating lifestyles. They also reduce their standards of living, and business owners and entrepreneurs opt to fire people. This is very good for the economy as the available resources can last longer in the country. The government increasingly invests and spends a lot of money in job creation to enable its citizens, especially the young generation, to get jobs after graduation from college. With increased taxation, the government clearly wants people to get unspecialized jobs as it already employed enough citizens. The rest should be contented in being fed and clothed by welfare programs and getting assistance from their relatives and friends. It is funny though that everybody goes to school to get a job, but the government does not see sense in more people working and uses all the resources and machinery to make people idle. Majority of people support the government in all its functions and would readily accept to pay additional taxes as they are patriotic. The revenue collection agencies of the government would have to be abolished as nobody would try to evade paying tax. Instead of increasing tax, the government should introduce tax rebates to the poor and tax the rich people more as poor people do not get to use the country’s resources equally with the rich people. It is ironical that the rich people get tax cuts instead of getting heavily taxed; they have the money and they mostly control the economy and they have a lot of say in its appreciation and depreciation. The low earners should only enjoy the benefits because they are the ones who do most of the work in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My Opinion on Different Issues of Today (From a Democratic Point of Personal Statement.
“My Opinion on Different Issues of Today (From a Democratic Point of Personal Statement”, n.d.
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