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Discuss the american political parties, their characteristics, their organizations and their battles - Essay Example

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Political parties have been subject to several definitions over the ages that they have been in existence; however, due to the dynamic nature of politics, these definitions are liable to change with the times. The traditional definition of political parties by presupposed that…
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Discuss the american political parties, their characteristics, their organizations and their battles
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Extract of sample "Discuss the american political parties, their characteristics, their organizations and their battles"

Download file to see previous pages Because of decentralization s of power structures, the president cannot assume that all the senators from his party will vote with him on a bill. Members occasionally vote against their party (Schaffner 57). A political party is a group of people who run candidates for public office under its banner, this definition does not cover all aspects of political parties; nonetheless it hits close enough to home. Bearing in mind that democracy is one of the main pillars on which America as a nation stands, by extension, this means that political parties cannot be divorced from the American people since democracy cannot be achieved in the absence of political parties.
Parties serve a myriad of roles, and they organize and staff both executive and legislative branches on a state and national level. Parties are made up of electorate voters who are loyal and readily identify with it in and all its ideologies (Bibby and Schaffner). Then there is the organizing part of the party consisting of party official’s volunteers as well as salaried employees. The highest echelon of the party is constituted of the candidates, and other party holders, these people run for the positions and take power when the party wins. As such, everyone who supports the party in any capacity, from the disinterested voter to the volunteers to the party boss and candidate is a member.
Functions of parties are diverse and they include serving as intermediaries between the people and government, and this way bringing scattered elements of citizenry under the same umbrella. Conducting nominations for the party candidates to contest for office as well as organizing government, this is if they get the presidency, they form the government for the 4-year term before the next election. The art that is not elected in serves as the opposition and they enhance accountability by ensuring the government in office does not abuse its power or slacken in fulfilling its election promises (Bibby and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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