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A profile of a country (other than the United States) describing its domestic intitutions and how those affect its relations with the rest of the world - Essay Example

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This paper is an analysis of the historical political and economic factors in Qatar and how they determine its position and contribution to the phenomenon that is world politics. Qatar began its history in 1760s following the migration of the Utub Tribe to Qatar from Central…
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A profile of a country (other than the United States) describing its domestic intitutions and how those affect its relations with the rest of the world
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Extract of sample "A profile of a country (other than the United States) describing its domestic intitutions and how those affect its relations with the rest of the world"

Download file to see previous pages In 1916, there came into existence an acknowledgement by the British with Qasim Al-Thani recognizing the family as the rulers. In 1971, Qatar broke of the agreement after adopting constitutional independence. The country’s official language is Arabic but other languages such as English, Urdu, and Farsi are also spoken. The use of Arabic is in an effort to reinforce the country’s Islamic identity (Fromherz, 2012). The country has embodied the use of the word Khaleeji to differentiate golf states citizens from N. Africa and Levantine Arabs. The main religion that the country has taken up is Islam (specifically Wahhabism). However, in spite of the high upholding of Islam, the level of activity as regards Islam has been rated as medium. The country notably, has very few incidences that have been reported relating to anti-western terrorist activity.
Qatar is ruled by an Emir and is subsequently and Emirate. This type of government is common only in Middle Eastern countries and has been linked to their practice of Islam. Since Qatar attained independence, the Al-Thani family has ruled the country. The cabinet ministers as well as official in high-ranking positions in Qatari government are from the Al-Thani family. However, a few appointments that are of a high level capacity have occurred outside the family. Notably though, the occurrence in question only comes about as a rarity (Gray, 2013). In 1998, Qatar went on to hold its very first open elections. The elections were centered on the election of a municipal council. There was a very large voter turn up as the historical event attracted a lot of attention. The election also attracted a large candidacy inclusive of women. However, no member of the female candidacy populace was elected; an illustration of the regard for female leadership and equality in Qatar at the time. The municipal council is meant to represent issues being faced in residential sectors to the relevant t government bodies.
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A Profile of a Country (other Than the United States) Describing Its Essay.
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