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International relations/Global health Mid-Term - Essay Example

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Analysis of how increasing inequality or global trends affect the relationship between chronic poverty and health have found out that the rich or privileged people in the society live healthier and longer lives when compared to the poor people. Thus, increasing inequalities…
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International relations/Global health Mid-Term
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Download file to see previous pages This has a negative impact on the health of the chronically poor since they can not afford good medical care. On the other hand, global trends lead to economic disparities among individuals or nations leading to chronic poverty. Subsequently, chronic poverty leads to health inequalities or poor health services.
To achieve millennium development goals on global poverty reduction, the global trend to stopping impoverishment include preventing conflicts and proper disaster management programs. Others include availing universal health coverage, management of economic vulnerability and insuring against risks. Global trends to combine efforts and end poverty is one way of reducing economic inequality that exists between developed countries and developing countries. To achieve the millennium development goals, the poverty gap must be bridged and global policy formulation on poverty reduction is a smart move to achieve this goal. Reducing economic inequality will reduce chronic poverty and improve health. Poverty reduction means that economic status of the people will greatly improve. Therefore, they will afford better comprehensive care (Moser, Caroline & Rodgers, 55). They will also manage to eat healthy and avoid health risks and thus prevent disease from manifestation. The policies on poverty reduction also aim at increasing medical coverage and insuring against major medical risks. The efforts will drastically reduce health risks and improve state of medical health globally.
Another trend in globalization is the shift of international trade from commodity markets, making countries that deal with commodity goods loss a source of livelihood. The shift reduces the demand for commodity goods and loss of international market. This is especially so in Lowly developing countries (LDCs) that are commodity-dependent. Poverty is all pervasive in these countries because they are failing to participate in global economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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