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The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries - Thesis Proposal Example

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This essay analyzes the situation in the world, that is moving towards globalization, more and more nations are slowly aligning their economic strategies in an attempt to cushion regional economies against global shocks that characterize a recession period…
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The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries
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Extract of sample "The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries"

Download file to see previous pages This essay analyzes that UAE is considered as one of the advancing economies globally in a list that has India and China. While UAE enjoys close ties with nations such as the EU and the U.S. the nation’s still maintain close trade ties with Iran and other nations in the Middle East. It is known that the Western nations have placed trade sanctions on some nations that are considered to have violated human rights as well as being led by authoritarian administrations.
It is from this context that it remains to be seen how the U.S. and the EU will precede in terms of the trade relations with UAE and other nations in the Gulf Region. The decision by GCC nations to form a regional economic block and by extension a free trade area is seen as one of the greatest step by the nations in the region. It is also significant Middle East states to take control of international trade, not just in the region but other regions such as Europe and Southern parts of the world. However, the strategies put in place can be said to be working as trade activities appear to be on the rise in the said regions. It is often assumed that the formation of trading blocs is aimed at creating some form of monopoly, particularly when the nations involved have some common characteristics. GCC nations are primarily oil producing countries. It can, therefore, be argued that the major motivation of the GCC was to try and monopolize oil prices and by extension the oil industry. Despite the numerous challenges, the general economic prospects in this region remain positive. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries Thesis Proposal)
The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries Thesis Proposal.
“The Influence of OBAOR Strategy in the GCC Countries Thesis Proposal”, n.d.
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