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You must choose the country, the issue area and the specific policy that you will be explaining. The formal title of the work will take the format: Policy Analysis: Policy Area in Country - Essay Example

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There are various benefits to developing an environmental policy because current and potential clients can read the statement and are able to determine whether they…
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You must choose the country, the issue area and the specific policy that you will be explaining. The formal title of the work will take the format: Policy Analysis: Policy Area in Country
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Extract of sample "You must choose the country, the issue area and the specific policy that you will be explaining. The formal title of the work will take the format: Policy Analysis: Policy Area in Country"

Download file to see previous pages appropriate for the country, include a commitment for continual improvement and prevention of pollution, the policy must also include a commitment to comply with relevant legal and other requirements put in place and provide a framework for setting and reviewing the set environmental objectives and target. The country must also put into consideration the citizens perspective and expectations in that they expect to understand the organizations present direct environmental risks and whether they are complying with legal and other requirements and the environmental programs put in place to reduce environmental impact and improve their environmental performance (Harris, 2007).
Sweden took a lead in organizing the first environment UN conference held in Stockholm in 1972 this was due to the recognition of the rapid loss of natural resources and the need for a solution. Sweden is supportive of the European integration for strict environmental standards. It has described its environmental objectives goals as crucial to the country’s welfare and intended to guide the Swedish efforts to safeguard the environment. The Swedish environmental goals are summed up in a document called generational goals which describes the changes that are needed in the society as well as what needs to be protected. These goals and the environmental quality objectives have been adopted by the Swedish Parliament they are an assurance to the future generations for a clean air, healthy living environment, and rich opportunities to enjoy nature.
The fulfillment of these objectives requires the concentrated efforts of the whole society ranging from public agencies to individuals. These goals are also dependent on the actions of international bodies like the EU and the UN to reduce harmful emissions. The generational goals have been tailored to focus on the environmental efforts on the recovery of the ecosystem, conserving the natural and cultural environment, sustainable use of natural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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