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Violence and politics can hardly be separated - Essay Example

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It is known to contribute to a large magnitude of positive things. On the other hand, there are also those negative actions and things that can be associated with the attainment of…
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Violence and politics can hardly be separated
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Extract of sample "Violence and politics can hardly be separated"

Download file to see previous pages While some authors and writers dispute the necessity of engaging in violence to get or maintain political power, there are those who contend that there can be no achievement of political power without violence. In this sense, therefore, violence is a significant part of political violence. For this reason, this paper will present an argument to ascertain whether violence plays any significant role in politics.
It is an evident fact that violence and politics cannot be separated. This is because of the way that violence is considered to be a significant economic power. With it, it is possible to eliminate any chances of colonial regime within the society. As such, an oppressed society can work well using violence to ensure that it gives its citizens the much desired right to be free and safe. Most of the time, violence has been considered to be an intrinsic factor in the realm of politics. This is also the feeling that is experienced towards violence by the public. However, it is supposed to be conducted in a particular manner that brings about the desired benefits. Without this, then it turns out not to be justifiable and undesirable in politics as well as to the general public.
In order to understand the important role of violence in politics, it is imperative to realize that there is a major difference between violence and force. Although the two terms might seem to be interchangeable, they are highly distinct in their nature. This can be evidenced by the Indian anti-colonial movements in India. They were non violent but as they are envisaged by Mohandas Gandhi they were displayed through the use of full force. In the same way, there were the non violent but forceful civil rights movements that were led by Martin Luther King Junior in the United States. A major distinction is shown with the majority of the civil wars, which have cracked most of the African countries in the recent past. They also include the urban ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Violence and Politics Can Hardly Be Separated Essay - 1.
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