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Stakeholder analysis Wal-Mart in Mexico case - Essay Example

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This study aims at outlining the stakeholders in the case, for each of the stakeholder the stakes, Wal-Mart’s responsibilities to them, and attributes…
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Stakeholder analysis Wal-Mart in Mexico case
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Extract of sample "Stakeholder analysis Wal-Mart in Mexico case"

Download file to see previous pages The stakeholders listed in this study may not be a comprehensive list of Wal-Mart stakeholders as those not mentioned are not affected by the case in Mexico.
The table below provides the stakeholders affected by the case together with their stakes, attributes, and responsibilities of Wal-Mart towards them with the strategies and actions (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2014).
It is evident some other stakeholders of Wal-Mart including social activists, local government, businesses operating near Wal-Mart, communities where Wal-Mart stores are located, among others. The reason is that they are not affected by the Mexico case. The reasons for selecting and classification of the different stakeholders in the manner depicted in the table, and Wal-Mart’s specific avenues for dealing with the case are provided in detail in the proceeding sections of the paper.
The first consideration entailed the ranking of the stakeholders beginning with those most affected by Mexico case through the consideration of the typology allowing for the determination of the most important stakeholder to be dealt with in the Mexico case. The stakeholder importance order includes the dealing with the definitive stakeholders, followed by the dominant stakeholders, and lastly the dominant stakeholder since three types of stakeholders were identified in the case. The definitive stakeholders consist of employees, shareholders, customers, and the US government owing to the direct impact of the case on these stakeholders and dealing with them first hand would allow for a clear and faster resolution of the case.
Wal-Mart employees are involved in the daily running of Wal-Mart operations giving them the power and legitimacy and they hold an interest in the company being their employer and through the employment contract they have a right in the case. The poor conditions of work, poor payments and unpaid overtime, low benefits, not promoting female ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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