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Alcohol Control Issue - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to identify the effects of alcohol, alcohol control measures with their effects and limitations. the author states that alcoholism and alcohol consumption also contributes to the economic growth of a country through customs and excise duties …
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Alcohol Control Issue
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Extract of sample "Alcohol Control Issue"

Download file to see previous pages Heavy drinking causes lethal damage to the body where it is a risk factor for diseases like cancer, liver cirrhosis, and heart problems. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse also has negative and devastating social consequences. Alcoholics have high chances of getting divorced, are more vulnerable to domestic violence, struggle much with employment and live in absurd poverty (Boyle, 2013).
One effect that an alcohol abuser cannot escape is the effect on personal relationships. The problem of alcoholism puts enormous strains to all the people surrounding the alcoholic. It mostly tasks family members and close friends with covering the alcoholic. The burden is covered between people who do not take alcohol and children suffer from trauma in case the alcoholic is a parent or caregiver. Alcohol abuse has damaging effects on the brain that include memory lapses, blackouts and other types of brain damage. With these adverse effects of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, alcohol control ways were established to minimize the effects on society (Boyle, 2013).
Alcoholism is said to be a fatal illness whose medical cure is yet to be known. Alcohol control has been enacted right from its production, marketing as well as consumption. The control measures may also have effects on limiting competition and create a partial monopoly. This will in return increase profits for the ones that remain in the market. With some considerations, alcohol controls may, therefore, put some economic interests at stake. Professional means of alcohol control through rehab centers could also act effectively in reducing alcohol-related dangers (Boyle, 2013). The controls are therefore inevitable in this modern society. Some alcohol control methods include;
Price of alcohol plays a major role in influencing the level of consumption and its subsequent related harm. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcohol Control Issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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