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This essay seeks to dissect all the attributes of same sex marriage relative to diverse perspectives. The essay seeks to offer the historical and the contemporary contexts of this issue in consideration of the role of culture, groups and individuals. …
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Same-Sex Marriage
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Same-sex marriage of Affiliation Same-sex marriage Marriage between people of same sex is sometimes called gay marriage. The couple of this kind of marriage has over a long time sought legal recognition based on rights for equal marriage. However numerous individual and group opponents have criticized the recognition or legalization of this marriage since it changes the real meaning of marriage. This essay seeks to dissect all the attributes of same sex marriage relative to diverse perspectives. In addition, the essay seeks to offer the historical and the contemporary contexts of this issue in consideration of the role of culture, groups and individuals.
Same sex marriage has undergone numerous milestones from the initial secretive affair which was prohibited by cultural and religious beliefs of the society to an open affair where weddings are done in public. The coupes are recognized as a man and wife despite the same sexes. This issue is openly against the norms; however, it has found its way to acceptance and legalization. The first time, when same –sex was mentioned and performed was in 342, in the early Roman Empire. Nero became the first emperor to marry a man. He later married two other males in different occasions. During the medieval period, same sex marriage happened between Pedro Diaz and Muno Vandilaz in Spain in 1061 (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012). While in the modern era, two lesbians cohabiting in Boston became to be referred as the Boston marriage. On the other, the contemporary society has risen to the occasion to accept and recognize same –sex relationships and marriages. As from 1980s, numerous nations have been accepting and legalizing same-sex marriages, with the Netherlands becoming the first nation in the world to recognize and grant same-sex marriages rights in 2001. Today over 20 nations have legalized and fully accepted same –sex marriages (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012).
There have been various perspectives on the legalization and acceptance of same-sex marriage. According to the religious views, the Bible defines marriage as a union of two people of opposite sex. This implies that same-sex marriage is a redefinition of marriage, which is contrary to the Bible. Most Christians have opposed this type of marriage based on ungodliness and against the word of God. This is opposition is reflected in most of the nations that have refused to recognize such marriages. The nations are well founded on religious beliefs. Similarly, the aspect of culture plays a critical role in reflecting what nature of morals a society should uphold (Rauch, 2004). Most cultures across the world respect and recognize marriage between a woman and a man. This makes it difficult to accept marriage between two individual of same sexes. This is a taboo according to most cultures.
The contemporary culture across the nations that have adopted same –sex marriages is attributed to this type of marriage. The associated cultural groups argue that, same-sex marriage identifies with the contemporary society, which is not so much glued to traditional beliefs (Rauch, 2004).
Part two: Critical Dialogue with a Bishop
The dialogue opened my mind on the same-sex marriage. Initially I believed that this issue is associated with the contemporary society and there is no problem with recognition and legalizing it. However, according to the Bishop’s assertion, God’s authority for a man to marry a woman should be respected despite the world’s dynamism. I initially I had no bias on the issue being accepted, however, after the dialogue, I reserve my support to the enhancement of the same-sex marriages. I feel I am more inclusive on the cultural and religious beliefs on marriage. A man and a woman should be married. I have learnt that the world dynamism is closely associated with the acceptance of the issue of same-sex marriage. I will use the experience to enlighten others that the world forces and dynamism should not be the driving force of acceptance of same –sex marriage. I will use the new knowledge that culture and religious beliefs should form the basis of decisions making since they are the fundamental aspects through which humanity thrives in.
Rauch, J. (2004). Gay marriage: Why it is good for gays, good for straights, and good for America. New York: Times Books/Henry Holt and Co.
Corvino, J., & Gallagher, M. (2012). Debating same-sex marriage. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Read More
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