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Failed Initiative - Essay Example

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Its main aim was to provide $9.3 billion to the California schools and the community colleges it was to provide additional funds for the purposes, of…
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Failed Initiative
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Extract of sample "Failed Initiative"

Download file to see previous pages f 2011- 2012 this would make up for the previous cutbacks in the state funding.The California budget was also predicted to be stronger in the year 2011-2012 hence would also begin for the $9.3 supplementary payments.
If voters agreed to Proposition 1B, it would go to implementation if also Proposition 1A was in turn passed. Proposition 1A in turn would have permitted an additional room for tax increases obligatory as component of the fiscal year 2009 -2010 budget agreement this would result in a tax increase to $16 billion.
The goal of Proposition 1B was to increase funding to the state schools and community colleges and would also supplement education in California State. The $9.3 billion supplementary fund was to act as replacement for any payments that the state would be required to meet under the current laws. Proposition 1B arose due the dispute in the late 2008 between Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration and public school system concerns in references to various interpretations of Proposition 98.
In 1998, voters approved Proposition 98 which was an amendment to the California constitution. It required that the state provide a minimum level of funding for k-12 schools and community colleges. However, the ‘’minimum guarantee’’ came into an issue in recent years which lead to dispute the amount of money the state owed the education sectors. Proposition 98 also provided a raise yearly in education in California budget.
It was also called the classroom instructional improvement and accountability act. It required that education made up to 39 % of the state budget. To be implemented in years of strong economic growth, the educational spending should equal that of yesteryears and an additional per capital growth and student enrollment change. To be implemented in years of weak economic growth yester years spending plus change in growth for enrollment and increase of 0.5% in the state shared financial support.
Proposition 98 could only be ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Failed Initiative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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