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We can summarily state the difference between freedom and predestination as: predestination being the hand that fate has dealt us while free will is the choice and action that we take with that hand. Predestination and freedom are two sides of the same coin, and a theological…
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Freedom vs. Predestination
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Freedom vs. Predestination al Affiliation Freedom vs. Predestination We can summarily the difference between freedom and predestination as: predestination being the hand that fate has dealt us while free will is the choice and action that we take with that hand. Predestination and freedom are two sides of the same coin, and a theological context provides an apparent distinction. According to Thiroux and Krasemann (2011), chief Western religions such as Christianity derive predestination from the attributes such as omnipotent and omniscient nature of a supernatural being. Predestination is the inability of human beings to make their decisions because the supernatural being has already pre-determined and pre-ordained those decisions. In this context, the supernatural being has unlimited power and knowledge to control all of the human actions. On the other hand, freedom of human actions amounts to their free will that is the ability of an individual to act at his discretion exclusive of the constraints of fate (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2011). The above analysis clearly indicates the incompatibility of the human free will with the idea of an all-knowing supernatural being.
Our inborn talent is an excellent example of predestination. The talents and gifts that we have are all the doing of a spiritual or cosmic force that is beyond us. However, we have control over the process of discovering and nurturing those talents. The choice of our backgrounds and families are issues that are beyond our control too. A poor background is the result of predestination but getting ourselves out of the poverty is a conscious decision (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2011).
The current capitalist nature of our society increases our individual responsibility to both the state and our fellow human beings. The theory of free will is more applicable in today’s society rather than predestination. State laws, legislations and policies govern our actions and as such we may only exercise our free will to a limited level. Our conscience comes into greater play by constantly reminding us of what is good and what is evil (Thiroux & Krasemann, 2011).
Thiroux, J. & Krasemann, K. (2011). Ethics: Theory and Practice. New York: Pearson. Read More
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