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: Bibliography and Resource Summary - Essay Example

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Ted Atkinson argues that Cash’s production of his mother’s coffin is a metaphor for Faulkner’s production of As I Lay Dying because they both concern themselves with form and function, as they pursue artistic autonomy despite significant stressful conditions and…
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: Bibliography and Resource Summary
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Download file to see previous pages forms of art that may function to earn money or function in opposition to financial demands and Faulkner tries to balance both form and function in reaction to socio-economic conditions of his time (18). Atkinson explains Cash’s devotion to his art and filial duties (19). He notes the irony of Jewel’s concern for Cash’s obsession with the coffin’s form because the former thinks that this results to the negation of the more important function of the coffin as being the final dwelling place of their mother. In reality, like Cash, Faulkner skillfully balances form and function in his creation of an autonomous modernist text that is not necessarily detached from environmental context. In addition, Atkinson believes that Faulkner uses critical reflection as he creates fiction from social reality (23). The theme of conflict between individual and social identities reveals the connection between the novel and its social context (25). Atkinson concludes that the novel is a testament to Faulkner’s artistic autonomy and his integration of social reality, while allowing readers to put their own readings in the appreciation of this novel.
Michel Delville believes that the writing style of Faulkner, not matter how complex when compared to the linguistic skills of rural farm people, matches the inner needs of the characters for selfhood and autonomy. Delville argues that while others deal with Addie’s death through newfound goals and actions, Darl and Vardaman use verbal expressions. Vardaman uses a fish to verbally express his need for his mother, while Darl uses deeper reflections on the meaning of existence (63). Delville believes that these rhetorical strategies serve to help them define their identities through reflections on identity and nothingness (64). Darl represents the notion of “lack” in Lacanian terms and his different uses of parts of speech demonstrate his need for self-identity. Delville agrees with Pierce that language represents the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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: Bibliography and Resource Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“: Bibliography and Resource Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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