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Revise Answer - Essay Example

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Alan Greenspan informs his graduating students to shape values that will enable them thrive in the frenetic and competitive world. Greenspan states, “Business managers should double up on materials and…
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Revise Answer
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Revise Answer Revise Answer Q1 It is imperative that business leaders uphold honesty in their conduct. Alan Greenspan informs his graduating students to shape values that will enable them thrive in the frenetic and competitive world. Greenspan states, “Business managers should double up on materials and people to protect themselves against the misjudgments that are part of planning and production. Honesty increases real- time information and reduce uncertainty in business management. Alan states that our system works fundamentally on individual fair dealing with utmost honesty. For these reasons, it is evident that honesty is paramount for the business leader. (A Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspans 1999 Harvard University Commencement speech)
The mind is quick to change an individual’s opinion and imagines anything it likes. It is a source of happiness when controlled. The first strategy to strengthen self-control is to conduct an experiment. Assagioli states that most academic psychologists do not research in appropriate ways. The doctors do not go into the laboratory to examine their own experience of the will. Second, is the application of psycosynthesis. Psycosynthesis is holistic, inclusive, and global. Finally, misidentification, and controlling of the will strengthens self-control. Sensation, feeling, thought and intuition lacks a description of psychological life hence no self-control ( article, An interview conducted with Roberto Assagioli by Sam Keen).
My gratitude is to my loving mother (Rebecca Peters). She is a mentor, teacher, teacher, guardian, and an idol. She gave words of wisdom, which has driven me until now. For instance, always to believe in myself and most significantly to face all calamities. She showed me to have faith in myself and not to trust everyone. I owe my mum the primary education, shelter, food, beautiful clothing, and health she provided me. The communication and listening skills you taught me. I love you much and thank you mother.
Abraham Lincoln had several successes. He became company captain of Illinois militia in Black Hawk War. He became congress and admitted to practice law in U.S District Court. Finally, he became the president of America. However, the failures include; failed in business, defeated for speaker and state legislature. The adaptation strategies include defining a goal. Lincoln set his goals to know the primary objective. Secondly, learning from the suffering process enabled him to persevere and find a solution. Finally, retaining modesty in the face of mystery allowed Lincoln to meet all the challenges confidently.
5. Independence refers to being self-reliant. Therefore, declaration of independence is a high pursuit of happiness. Happiness is decent and the residents ought to protect it. Happiness has the support of the law. Therefore, pleasure is unsubstituted for happiness since it is a mere enjoyment and lacks support for the law.
6. Plagiarized legal briefs or written motions is an offence and leads to permanent damage. Therefore, judges should highly penalize attorneys who commit such a crime. Plagiarized work shows the attorney lacks content of the case at hand. The punishment of Attorney Peter Cannon is right since it prevents future mistakes hence minimizing permanent damage. Lane’s sentence was good since it had greater impact compared to Attorney Cannon’s plagiarism. The public shaming is appropriate as it enhances transparency and accountability among the attorneys.
To avoid academic dishonesty (plagiarism), always believe in yourself to be the best. Use direct sources and it should be original. Provide references or in text citations used in the writing. Finally, provide full credit to the sources used.
The human moral sense is an evolutionary survival strategy. Terrence Des Pres describes the most terrible events in human memory. The image of a man emerges and it is worst. Sympathy and compassion of social sentience are valuable in improvement of moral sense. Therefore, Terrence’s position is acceptable.
Q 9
Good life is the feeling of happiness and the satisfaction of your demands or goals. It entails morality and happiness. Plato and Aristotle explained morality to be the primary source of good life. They illustrated that moral standards demand how we should treat others. However, ethical standards prescribe how we ought to live ourselves. In general, good life involves being ethical and moral by not exploiting others for personal gain.
Achieving good life requires perseverance and goal definition. Perseverance enables the achieving of goals despite the challenges. Shenk’s book of Lincoln’s Great Depression depicts how Abraham Lincoln persevered to achieve his goal despite the several challenges such as sickness and resistance. Due to the perseverance, Lincoln became the President of America hence good life. Next, being moral enables achieving of good life.
Terrence Des Pres book of An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps illustrates that survival strategy is enhanced by the human moral sense thus promoting good life. Morality prevents plagiarized work as evidenced in the penalization of Lawyer Peter Cannon thus hindering good life in him. Being just also enables achieving good life. For instance, the Roman Emperor developed and stabilized due to the just rule of Marcus Aurelius. Therefore, it is evidenced that perseverance, hard work, morality and just enhances good life.
Readings that Informed by Decision
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Kaswan, M. J. (2014). Happiness, democracy, and the cooperative movement: the Radical Utilitarianism of William Thompson. Alabany, NY: SUNY Press. Read More
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