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This paper, Globalization & Networks or Safe Zones, declares that although the internet has allowed for the sale and distribution of culturally offensive products, banning of these products by the government is not the best approach. Banning of such material raises more issues…
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Globalization & Networks or Safe Zones
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Question 1
Although the internet has allowed for the sell and distribution of culturally offensive products, banning of these products by the government is not the best approach. Unfortunately, banning of such material raises more issues because what some people consider to be culturally offensive might be acceptable to others. Given that this is a globalized society where people are required to express their views and beliefs without discrimination, banning of such content is retrogressive. As Lindsey Pinto (2013) notes in her article appearing in the Huffington Post, such censorship might be justifiable at the beginning and then move to cover even legal content. In order to prevent the harm caused by such products, it is the responsibility of individual citizens, especially parents, to choose what is appropriate. This can be achieved by the use of filter software to block content that is deemed inappropriate. In addition, it is important to use labels that describe what is offered on certain websites. With such labels, users can set their browsers to block access to such sites or content. Finally, secure networks or safe zones, can be used access specific sites, and this is particularly useful for children.
Question 2
It is no doubt that overfishing poses great risk to marine life, including fish. As a fishing company, in order to address the problem of overfishing in international waters, it will be necessary to propose rules that govern how the company and its competitors fish in the waters. Three main rules can help curb this problem. First, the number of fish a single company can fish in given period needs to be limited. These limits should be based on the volumes of fish in the waters and the number of companies involved. Secondly, regulations need to cover the type of fish to be caught. For instance, fishing of species that are deemed to be in danger of extinction should be prohibited. Finally, it will be necessary to develop rules that govern the type of gear a company may use in fishing. As noted by Gaia Vince (2012), one of the causes of overfishing is the use of fishing gear that nets even the smaller fish, therefore introducing fishing gear regulations will help protect certain fish, in order to have the competitors agree to this plan, the company will propose a monitoring system that will ensure these rules are followed. For example, spot-checks could be set-up to check on the fish caught by companies. In addition, penalties should be proposed for companies that violate these rules.
Question 3
Coca-Cola’s approach to global expansion was a good idea because it enabled the company to venture into new markets while ensuring that the quality of their beverages is maintained throughout. Compared to other globalization approaches, this approach has several advantages. First, it allowed Coca-Cola to expand into new markets at low costs. This approach does not require huge capital outlays since the capital uses existing infrastructure and resources from the partners (Mohajerian Inc, 4). Secondly, through the partners, Coca-Cola was able to take advantage of the already established brand names, thereby enhancing its presence in the new market. Finally, this approach allowed the company adapt to new cultures and local regulations in various countries with relative ease.
This approach has several limitations. First, the company does not enjoy full profits as would be the case if it had built its own subsidiaries. Secondly, since Coca-Cola did not have full control of the partners, the operations of these partners could give the company a bad name. Thirdly, by relaying on other partners, Coca-Cola faced a risk of going out of business in the new market if the partner ceased operations. Finally, this approach does not allow the company to make changes to the partner in order to suit its operations.
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