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Minimum wage issue - Essay Example

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The purpose of writing this letter is to address the issue of minimum wage. The level of minimum wage in this country affects many people, especially college students who rely on minimum wage while working at…
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Minimum wage issue
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Extract of sample "Minimum wage issue"

Download file to see previous pages Employees who start working on jobs that offer minimum wage sometimes use it at a platform to attain other professions. Additionally, minimum wage not only helps young people, but also senior citizens who use it to support their families. I am addressing this letter to you to urge you as the senator of New York to introduce a motion in Congress calling for a raise in the minimum wage across all states. The United States requires policies that safeguard hardworking Americans who are dedicated in earning a living.1 Therefore, I believe raising the minimum wage above $10 per hour would be an important policy change towards restoring hope in citizens who rely on this income. Given this brief account, I believe that raising the minimum wage is a bold step that the Congress may take for purposes of achieving economic development.
Raising minimum wage is a bold step towards economic recovery in the country. I call for the federal government to increase its spending on regular people as a means of increasing economic output in terms of revenue. Normally, regular people exhibit fluidity in their spending; hence, more money remains in circulation. On the contrary, wealthy people tend to hoard their wealth; hence, preventing it from circulating back into the economy. The minimum wage issue presents a transformation to the economy, which has been hijacked by the elite in recent years; thus, making it less productive in terms of government revenue collected through taxes. I would urge the government to increase the minimum wage of American workers to boost their purchasing power, as this will facilitate economic recovery.2 Therefore, a change in policy in increasing the minimum wage prevents counterproductive economics, which boosts the economy. 3
Second, raising the minimum wage can alleviate poverty. It is evident that these days the focus of the US economy is on Wall Street, which accounts for less than 1% of the population. In recent years, the number of people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Minimum Wage Since 2009, the national minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour in the United s. This minimum wage was a rise from $6.55 per hour and a product of the last changes in a set of increases approved by democratic-dominated Congress in 2007 (Bendery 2014). In spite of requests from democrats between 2012 and 2014, Congress has not raised the federal minimum wage. As a result, an advanced group of experts, CEPR (Center for Economic and Policy Research), created an online ticker to show legislators and the public the amount of purchasing power that minimum wage employees lost since 2009 (Bendery). The ticker is proof that a fixed minimum wage in essence adds up to a constant wage cut for millions of American employees because...
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