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What single reform would you implement to enhance democracy in Canada I picked Proportional Representation - Research Paper Example

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Proportional representation (PR) basically entails political parties listing and electing as many candidates as indicated by their proportion of the popular vote. Essentially, PR is designed to ensure that rather than a simple majority of plurality, all votes must count towards…
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What single reform would you implement to enhance democracy in Canada I picked Proportional Representation
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Download file to see previous pages Discrimination, racism and prejudice are vices that are as old as humanity and have existed alongside it all along, consistently developing in an environment of close association of diverse groups. Historically in Canada, racism has not been confined to any specific group as racist policies are known to have promoted slavery, brought segregation to schools and even prohibited other groups from certain activities and jobs. However, studies show that Aboriginal peoples have and continue to getting the worst experiences of racial discrimination than any other group in the country and, more specifically, within the criminal justice system. According to a report by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, the criminal justice system criminalizes Aboriginal people three times more than non-aboriginal people in violent crime (Brzozowski, Taylor-Butts & Johnson 69). Consequently, Aboriginal people are represented disproportionately in the criminal justice system, especially the courts and correctional facilities. This research project acknowledges that one of the key policy issues of the Canadian government has been the discrimination the aboriginal people are subjected to. From that perspective, it aims to answer the question “what single reform would you implement to enhance democracy in Canada?” Hence, arguing on the concepts of PR, it will be shown that the discrimination against the aboriginal people can be ended. The discussion will basically be based on the relationship the aboriginal people have with the criminal justice system. The key focus will be on the fact that unless changes are implemented in this relationship, aboriginal people will continue being disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system. More importantly, the changes must be implemented in the criminal and correctional systems.
In Manitoba, only 12% of the population is made up of aboriginal people. However, out of the 1,600 people in incarceration in correctional ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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