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Analyze the reading - Essay Example

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As indicated this is analysis paper and does not summarize the work for the author of Second Treatise on Government. The analytical criteria in this case…
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Analyze the reading
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Download file to see previous pages However, as the natural law demands that each individual respect each other’s space and choices, it is also the requirement of the law that the choice individuals must be within acceptable limits that adhere to ethical and moral expectations. Given the application of the natural law, this analysis paper takes into consideration the theories of blind obedience, antislavery theory, moral truth, natural law ethical theory, and the double effect principle. One exclusion criterion in this paper involves the separation of ethics, morals, and religion. The analysis is philosophical and does not consider ethics and morals as part of religious expectations when considering natural law.
In the target text, Second Treatise on Government, the author is observed arguing that the fact that the natural law exists, it is not upon the duty of anyone to be authoritative over one another. Arguing from the creation story from the Holy Bible, the author points that God is the creator of all the universe and controls how humans relate and therefore it not under anyone’s responsibility that humans have to behave in a specific manner dictated by laws and authority.
However, when considering the evolution of human ethics and morals, governance developments take into consideration the author’s points that authorities include entities that have the authority and capability of punishing others if found on the wrong side of the law. Law in this case is not natural but takes into consideration the natural law. Since natural law considers everyone equal and having the right to live without being disturbed, the civil law on the other hand aims at controlling how people or members of the society interact with each other as well as punishing those who take the natural law’s rights form others. With the possibility of imprisonment, execution, and hard labor; it is the order of the authorities through constituted law to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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