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Ethical Behaviors in an Academic Field - Research Paper Example

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This research paper discusses the ethical behaviors in an academic field and the problem of plagiarism which refers to the approach or act of copying and taking the works of someone else and then using such work as if they belonged to the person who has copied them…
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Ethical Behaviors in an Academic Field
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Extract of sample "Ethical Behaviors in an Academic Field"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper "Ethical Behaviors in an Academic Field" discusses the ethical behaviors in an academic field and the problem of plagiarism which refers to the approach or act of copying and taking the works of someone else and then using such work as if they belonged to the person who has copied them. It includes integrating the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of another scholar or scholar and then passing or including such ideas, thoughts and opinions into the works of one without giving any recognition or appreciation to them. In the academic, scholarly and research cycles, it happens when the author or a person copies information from books of the internet word by word with the intention or aim of pretending that one was the owner and original author or initiator of such. In some other instance, people paraphrase, rewrite, take words or summarize the ideas and thoughts of other scholars and thinkers without recognizing or appreciating the source of the information. This would be acceptable avoided by factoring in internal or in text citation where the person quotes the ideas and thoughts of another person but then acknowledges the author by mentioning their names immediately after such words or quotes. Self-plagiarism is the notion where a student uses his or her previous works for future or subsequent assignments. This is so when a student or a person tries to use his or her previous thoughts and ideas or opinion so as to answer questions or do research in future assignments and academic works. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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