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Results and Discussion of Research Data - Essay Example

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Racism in football is deemed to be a crucial focused area due to various perceptual gaps persists in cultural differences within the world’s most famous game i.e. football which keeps uniting people from different colour or racial backgrounds (Authority of the House of…
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Results and Discussion of Research Data
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Extract of sample "Results and Discussion of Research Data"

Download file to see previous pages gaining a wider attention due to major allegations as well as criticism associated with racial discrimination amid different football clubs in the UK (Jones & Smith, 2011; Bebber, 2008). Therefore, the aim of this research study is to critically evaluate the issue of racism in football in Sheffield, UK with extracting and discussing four particular themes from the collected primary data.
In order to attain the aforesaid aim, the discussion of the data incorporates a set of objectives relating to different research areas associated with the issue of racism in football in Sheffield, UK. These objectives have been clearly elaborated in the following:
In relation to the interview process conducted for retrieving data from male, football supporter/players aged 26 years, the questions have been structured in light with the key aims and objectives of the study. According to the data revealed from the primary data collection technique, the process of conducting interview with male individuals was highly aimed with investigating their attitudes in the Sheffield area towards the football matches, specifically on racism aspect and its impact on the sport. In this context, the interview questions have been developed by strong compliance with ethical codes and also eliminating such perceptions that might raise personal interests or any sort of racial discrimination.
The questionnaire survey for this research study was conducted with the participation of total 200 respondents who were mainly the supporters, viewers and the players associated with British football of Sheffield. The results obtained from the questionnaire survey thus reflected valuable facts about the issue of racism in Sheffield football.
According to the data revealed from the questionnaire survey, majority of the participants i.e. 70.3% of the total 135 respondents are likely to watch football matches on televisions. Whereas, 22.9% are regular attendees and 46.4% are likely to attend football matches on ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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