The existence of homophobia or racism - Essay Example

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It is common in the institutions of learning, work places, in the streets and even in the leadership. Black people particularly of African origin are the…
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The existence of homophobia or racism
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The Existence of Racism Number: Introduction Racism is still a major problem in the modern world despite the numerousattempts by people of good will to exterminate it. It is common in the institutions of learning, work places, in the streets and even in the leadership. Black people particularly of African origin are the main victims of this menace as blacks have been discriminated openly in various events including sports events like football competitions and in Olympics (Rooney, 2006). Racist usually proclaim that their race is superior to that of the other people thus developing a lot of bad stereotypes about the other groups. However, this is a primitive thinking that should be condemned in one accord since human beings are equal regardless of their skin color, ethnicity or any other baseless ground that is used by unethical individuals to discriminate others. Skin color should not be used as a ground of determining how much respect a person should get.
Racism is believed to be prompted by numerous reasons. However, the four main causes include stereotyping, environmental factors, unfamiliarity, and selfishness (Fredrickson, 2011). Labeling of other races and communities as inferior through the radio, television, in the internet and through books among other platforms leads to discrimination and unfair treatment of the targeted communities. Stereotype is very effective especially if introduced to young people (children) where a child might be exposed to false allegations of a particular group made by his or community thus growing believing that all people from the alleged community are that way.
Unfamiliarity is also a common source of racism in the modern world (Fredrickson, 2011). People have a tendency of fearing what is unfamiliar to them or what they do not apprehend. Sources show that there is a very high likelihood for a person to discriminate against another community that he or she has never lived in or does not understand fully. This situation is mostly fueled by other factors like negative stereotypes or labeling that an individual might have received in the past against the targeted community or group (Fredrickson, 2011). Therefore, integration of cultures is highly advisable particularly in the early stages of child development like in schools. Parents, guardians and the society in general have a role to play in attempt to eradicate this problem by counterbalancing false stereotypes that children may encounter while growing up.
Another major and obvious source of racism is selfishness since at times human beings are extremely selfish creatures who do not care about others or rather care about themselves at the expense of others. If a person is not taught the need of respecting other people, then the probability of such an individual becoming a racist is very high. This explains the reason why most caring people are not racists or other bad elements in the society. Racism is also triggered by environmental issues associated with the genetic and biological elements that can be affected by the environment that they live in. This means that the probability of a person becoming a racist can be increased by certain environmental aspects unknown to man (Rooney, 2006). Controversial studies have shown that factors like improper health maintenance, head injuries, excessive chemicals just to mention a few can also attribute to one becoming a racist. Nonetheless, this reasoning should not be used as an excuse to promote racism. Instead, people of all origins should strongly work together in order to stop this menace at any cost.
Racism has extremely detrimental effects with a good example of this being the massive genocides that have being witnessed in various parts of the world like in Germany, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and Georgia among other places. Extermination of the Jew community by the Nazi regime that was under the leadership of Adolf Hitler is a clear example of the extreme effects of racism (Fredrickson, 2011). Halter had intense hatred over the Jews and as a result planed their elimination in what is commonly known as the ‘Final Solution’ that left more than six million Jews dead. Racial segregation also accounts for the slave trade whereby Africans were the victims as well as civil wars in most parts of the world with Middle East and Africa being the main racial/ethnic battlegrounds. Racism also creates unnecessary tension and hatred amongst communities (Rooney, 2006).
Fredrickson, G. M. (2011). Racism: A Short History. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
Rooney, A. (2006). Racism. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple. Read More
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