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Nepotism - Essay Example

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If one takes a close look at the society, one can not help noticing that it should be seen as an essential prerequisite for the development of the inner potential of a human being. In addition to that, having a job is inseparably connected with a prosperous living in the social…
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Extract of sample "Nepotism"

Download file to see previous pages There are several concepts that should be engaged in the analysis while considering the nature of nepotism. To begin with, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the notion of integrity is something that is heavily damaged by the issue in question (McNamee, 2004, p. 87). Indeed, granting positions or preferences to family member can hardly be compatible with integrity of an organization. The next concept that is of great important when it comes to a fair examination of it is the idea of competition. As it has already been noted, people have to fight for their success and should be rewarded accordingly. The practice of nepotism grants a person an advantage that ruins the entire system of competition in the society and does not allow people to advance. Finally, the concept of meritocracy is something that should also be engaged while considering the impact that nepotism has on the society. It certainly would be an ideal situation when people are rewarded according to their merits, but it is something that the social environment should be moving forward to; however, the practice of nepotism just makes this state of affairs unrealistic and reinforces the inequality among the people. In other words, the very existence of it does not allow the society evolve properly. That is why nepotism might be seen as a direct result of the inertia that has been guiding the process of development of the society for a considerable time. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that is this practice is not taken care of, it will lead to a dead end. Keeping in mind that people will never want to stop evolution of their civilization, there is no other way but to deal with nepotism. That is why nepotism might be seen as a direct result of the inertia that has been guiding the process of development of the society for a considerable time. Nevertheless, it is quite ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Nepotism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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... academics, this is a practice that helps the institution maintain retention of quality professors—which is the topic and focus of Schumer’s piece, “The New Nepotism.” However, the nepotism that is a controversial issue for most people is not the case of married couples gaining employment in the same place. The nepotism that most people have such strong feelings about is the practice of the sons and daughters or someone already enjoying advantages gains employment or favor because of who their parents are. Many people are opposed to this type of nepotism and opposition to this way of life is not new either. In fact, Thomas Jefferson explained his opposition to this concept in his letter to Adams. He referred to this idea as the ‘artificial...
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Corruption and Multi-National Corporations

... and disadvantages. More aptly, both continue to dodge legal scrutiny although both are legally questionable and are not considered good business policy. Facilitation payments and nepotism will continue to confuse and confound business and legal circles as long as business lasts. There is no end in sight to them. Different countries have set different parameters on the basis of which they are evaluated and judged. Legally, facilitation payment is not allowed in the United Kingdom. However, it is allowed legally to certain extent in the United States (Special Cases, 2009). The issue of facilitation payment becomes specially challenging when doing business with a foreign country. The laws in a different country may or may not be similar...
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Nepotism: Genes and relationships

...141528 PAGE TOPIC OF REPORT: NEPOTISM, GENES AND RELATIONSHIPS PSYCHOLOGY A research report of an investigation with practicals based on the hypothesis of Evolutionary Psychology with assessed results, that close relationships are influenced by principles of genetic variations and fitness maximization and not just by the culture and social learning. Practical results are based on the questionnaire about the relationships with the grandparents set against a number of hypotheses. This answers how affectional ties and dyad specific relationships influence the younger generations and their social behaviour and how nepotism plays an important part in the psychological and social make-up of an individual. INTRODUCTION Evolutionary psychology...
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Labor relations-An Anti nepotism Policy

... to input family traditions in certain fields. Management is the most sensitive area in regard to nepotism. Budd (2010) argues that managers should strike a balance by not supervising their relatives, employing them in the same department or try to use their influence to employ them so as to have great output. Anti- nepotism policy favors unions in protecting their members. They ensure that all their members are given equal opportunity in job application. Finlay (2011) supports this part of the policy as a motivation tool. The policy also ensures fairness in work as it prohibits workers to be supervised by close relatives. Workers are also protected from loss of job if companies enforce anti- nepotism policies but were employed before...
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Discuss some of the dilemmas surrounding issues of corruption that multi-national corporations may face. To illustrate your discussion you should refer to at least one of the following: facilitation payments, corporate hospitality and nepotism

... cash and other items, making tangible gifts acceptable in some conditions. Nepotism is another mild form of corruption which creeps in almost every avenue of public service and private entrepreneurship. It refers to the favoritism accorded to friends or relatives in unfamiliar transactions such as promotions at work place, the allocation of tenders and the hiring and firing of employees (Gordon and Miyake, 2010). In the public sector, the practice is looked down upon and scorned. This is not the case in privately run corporations. Anti-nepotism policies in some companies deter the hiring of close relatives in the corporations. Even though this may reduce the risk of outright nepotism, it does not control it all together (Doig and Theobold...
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Discuss some of the dilemmas surrounding issues of corruption that multi-national corporations may face. To illustrate your discussion you should refer to at least one of the following: facilitation payments, corporate hospitality and nepotism

... such as corruption through nepotism, corporate hospitality, and facilitation payments. Much as these issues of corruption seem to make the work easier for the company to manage and to undertake its operations seamlessly in a foreign land, they literally tear down on their integrity, as well as, corporate image and brand image. However, the best position for the company to take is one that will bring long-term benefits for the company, safeguard its image, and build a reputable brand name for itself in the new country that is strong enough to compete with the domestic industries operating in the same product or service line as the company. This is because most domestic industries enjoy home or local support. As such, this poses a major...
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... of someone who has work experience as well as stronger education base. However, sometimes the relative is the most qualified but it will still give the impression of nepotism. The ethics of nepotism in business go hand in hand with business structure. The business structure can indicate that the business is family owned. This shows that that its establishment was under sole proprietorship or partnership meaning that the owner owns and controls it. The owners can also combine with their family members who act as partners. In some case however, the partnership is not family owned. This way, nepotism is more questionable when one partner decides to employ his family members yet other partners have an ownership stake interest in the operation...
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Fictional Story Paper

...of competence. This is a breach of the sociological terms and practice of nepotism and favoritism. Some of the sociological terms that apply to Matrina have been highlighted in the paper giving clear proof of nepotism or favoritism Social stratification Social stratification is an act of categorizing people in the society based on occupation, power or social status. This is an act that promotes favoritism based on the listed differences mentioned. Social stratification is one of the key factors that trigger favoritism and nepotism in organization. Nepotism and favoritism have been in existence for ages all over the world. Nepotism is broadly perceived as...
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Defining Corruption in Society

..., favouritism, cronyism, and nepotism are also considered as perpetuations of corruption, although its negative impact on society is still a matter of debate. Clausen et al (2011: p222) define favouritism, cronyism, and nepotism as not favouring the corrupt individual, but someone close or related to them such as members of an association, family members, and friends, This form of corruption is not expressly forbidden in some Asian countries, especially those in Central Asia. Favouritism involves the favouring of individuals or firms they represent based on extraneous feature-membership in specific favoured groups, while it is also related to patronage in political office for supporters of a winning candidate. Cronyism, on the other hand...
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The Growth of Corruption Nepotism and Inefficiency

...ain reasons why a lot of government officials based in developed and developing countries are very much into the practice corruption. There are many ways in which corruption may occur. Such illegal act could manifest in different form and nature such as grand and petty corruption; bribery; active and passive corruption; embezzlement, theft, and fraud; Extortion, abuse of discretion, favouritism, nepotism, and clientelism, conduct creating or exploiting conflicting interests, and/or improper political contribution.1 (See Definition of Terms on page 11) This study will focus on discussing the possible negative effects of corruption, nepotism and inefficiency in many Pacific Island countries. It will be observed particularly in the...
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