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Science - Assignment Example

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There are some underling relationships of the existing variation in the belief in conspiracies investigated in a sample of Americans who have reached the required voting age including violent overtones of conspiracies. After literature review, it is evident that violent could be…
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Extract of sample "Science"

Science Violence There are some underling relationships of the existing variation in the belief in conspiracies investigated in a sample of Americans who have reached the required voting age including violent overtones of conspiracies. After literature review, it is evident that violent could be the negative consequence of conspiracies. This may be due to a variety of conspiracy theories which are heightened by confirmation bias and also motivated reasoning. This leads to the demonization of certain out group leading to violence being considered as necessary.
Oliver and wood medical
There have been numerous theories of conspiracy in the past surrounding public health matters. The research conducted revealed that medical conspiracy theories are known and endorsed predicting many health behaviors. Individuals endorsing these theories are normal thus conspiracies arise from common process of attribution. The medical conspiracies act as diagnostic tools for many health practitioners since conspiracies do not follow the traditional medical advice.
Furnham commercial
There are numerous ways to categorize conspiracy theories. Individuals who tend to believe in conspiracy theories endorse a fictitious theory that is made up for experimental purposes. Personality and belief variables are significantly related to conspiracy theories. This results into the question the question of what factors account for variance in conspiracy theories? The psychologist in this study has been unable to come up with factors that account for more than 10% of the common variance (Furnham 5). Thus, individual difference variables explain little of variance in such beliefs. This is in consideration that beliefs in conspiracy theories are widespread across the world.
Works Cited
Furnham, Adrian. "Commercial conspiracy theories: a pilot study." Frontiers in Psychology (2013): 1-5. Read More
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Science Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
“Science Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2”, n.d.
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