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A beautiful mind’ is a really interesting movie about a schizophrenic mathematician, John Nash, who dedicates his all life to find a revolutionary formula that can change life. Ironically, trying to solve like an equation cannot work out. …
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A Beautiful Mind
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Download file to see previous pages Ironically, trying to solve like an equation cannot work out. We find our true happiness by letting go and just let life to happen on us. ‘A beautiful mind’ is an exaggerated tale of the life law, and how terrible life can get if we attempt to solve its nonexistent formulas. John Nash is a really awkward person, poor in social situations, but astonishingly talented mathematician. He is always finding a revolutionary discovery to change life or rather a life formula. About halfway of the movie John Nash suffers from a severe form of schizophrenia. Half of places and situation existing in his life are only part of his beautiful mind. Nash gets along very well with roommate, Charles, making the audience suspicious from the start picturing that Nash does not get well with anybody else (Ebert 56). There is also Parcher who works out well with everybody and is working on a conspiracy of an atomic bomb threat against the U.S. when the conspiracy saga messes up in Nash’s head, that is when he is actually in need of mental help. He can no longer think right, feel or act right. Suddenly, he stops using medicating and his schizophrenia situation worsens. He starts to battle against hallucinations of his own instead of going back to hospital. This is the turning point in the movie were Nash gets to learn on how to really live his own life. Nash comes to learn that life is more than making discoveries: there is love involved emotions and love involved, a wife, a baby to take care of and daily joys of life. John goes back to teaching classes and shares his experience and knowledge with students instead of focusing his time with himself. At one point Nash says that dreams will gradually vanish, if we do not focus on them, and have constant action towards them. Nightmares will always recur, as long as we feed them our attention. At the end of the movie John Nash wins a Nobel Price, for his contributions in the society. A Beautiful Mind is a movie that explains the benefit of enjoying life and not being caught up in ridiculous theories and discoveries or fantasies for a future that may never be. Embrace life daily but don’t embrace a fantasy world (Ebert 123). A beautiful mind offered the filmmaker some rich visual possibilities, being featured with nourished intrigue, an uncommon love story and time frame spanning several years. In fact, it is one of the dynamic films of Howard’s career so far. Putting our perception of events with John Nash is required a consistent visual accentuation on his perspective, and when Daekins’ camera is often looking out with prowling crane or circling with stead cam shots. Thematic Concerns The producers of the film are trying to highlight the issue of the mind. The mind is the reason for human beings’ ingenuity, humanity and artistic originality. However, the producer is explaining the fact that sometimes, the mind can work against us. The mind is able to alter people’s sense of being and is able to make people believe that the unreal is the real. Therefore, while the mind is a very important aspect of human beings’ lives, it can also be a set back. This is the principle that the producer of the movie, ‘’A Beautiful Mind’’ is passing across to the audience. The story, based on a true story, has noteworthy brains behind its creation (Crowe 45). For starters, we are introduced to John Nash who is a mathematical genius, who only visualizes life through numbers. He is such an avid thinker, that even when pigeons are feeding, he tries to create an algorithm that would characterize their feeding patterns. Even when he witnesses a mugging, he is describes the incident as vectors and then he summarizes it in the form of complicated formulas and theorems. Therefore, John Nash is simply trying to explain that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“A Beautiful Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/visual-arts-film-studies/1437460-essay-on-the-movie-a-beautiful-mind.
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