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Why the government did not know the 9/11 attacks Name Instructor Class 5 October 2012 The conspiracy about 9/11 persist until today, even if several independent and comprehensive studies debunked their ideas through logic and evidence that the government could not have possibly planned and conducted these attacks…
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Did the Government Know Discussing the 9/11 Attack
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Download file to see previous pages This is dangerous because it means that people are willing to overlook the fallacies contained in these “truths.” Before this research is conducted, it is personally believed that the government could not have possibly been involved in this elaborate scheme. These conspiracies regarding the government’s direct leadership in 9/11 did not present compelling evidence because they fail to acknowledge the evidence against them in a logical manner and they do not provide logic and evidence for their claims. The opposing arguments have focused on the view that the government planted bombs in 9/11, so that these buildings will collapse, and the government did this because Bush and other people will benefit from its consequences. Sommers (2011), in “Who Still Believes In 9/11 Conspiracies?” talked about the organization We Are Change (WAC), which also believed that the government staged everything during 9/11, as a pretext for attacking the Middle East and expanding the power of President Bush. We Are Change (WAC) asserted that bombs were placed and detonated in World Trade Center (WTC) buildings 1, 2, and 7, because only bombs could have melted the steel frames of the WTC (Sommers, 2011, p.13). NewsOne Staff (2012) presented what they think are the most compelling 9/11 conspiracy theories. They stressed that the airplanes are made of aluminum, so they cannot possibly destroy the steel frames of the WTC; the Bin Laden confession tapes are faked because he has interests in the stocks of the airplanes and Bush’s involvement in business projects in the Middle East; black boxes were kept to preserve the government’s secret; Jews and traders knew about the attacks; the hijackers are still alive because their passports survived; the in-flight calls and Flight 93 are bogus; the effects on the Pentagon are smaller than what a small commercial airplane would have done; bombs inside the WTC made them collapse; and Air Defense was informed to stand down. O'Brien (2011), in “The Contested Meaning of 9/11,” touched upon some of the unrelenting beliefs of 9/11 conspiracists. They argued that some of the government officials knew about 9/11 because of the vested interests of going into war with Iraq and Afghanistan (p.18). The conspiracists further stressed that the Pentagon and Flight 93 were hit by missiles. Hence, these theories asserted that the only way that the government was not able to use its high-tech military technology to avert this attack is because they knew all along. Another aspect of the 9/11 conspiracy is the existence of puffs of smokes at the sides of the WTC before they collapsed. Grossman (2006) discussed some of the claims of conspiracists in “Why the 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away.” The conspiracists believed that the puffs of smokes at the side of the WTC buildings are not made by planes but bombs being detonated (Grossman, 2006, p.46). ). Loose Change is a documentary that supports these theories and offered a 90-minute documentary of its expose (Grossman, 2006, p.46). The documentary asserted that missiles shot Pentagon and Flight 93 because the resulting effects did not look right (Grossman, 2006, p.46). For instance, in the Pentagon crash, the sight of the crash is not equal to the wingspan of the plane (Grossman, 2006, p.46). Finally, 9/11 conspiracists asserted that what the government claims to be true cannot be supported by facts from testimonies and their analysis of the effects of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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