Joseph Nyes Rise of Chana and American Power - Coursework Example

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It has acquired a considerable amount of military might and economic growth which has created ripple effects and discomforts against the existing…
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Joseph Nyes Rise of Chana and American Power
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ANSWERS ANSWERS In Nye’s view in what way does China’s rise resemble some observers’ reaction to Germany’s? Rise before WWI? China has been on revamp or recovery mission to redeem its old glory and place within the globe as a force to reckon with. It has acquired a considerable amount of military might and economic growth which has created ripple effects and discomforts against the existing super-powers. Thus, the military growth and expansion is comparable to the show of weaponry exhibited by Germany in WWI. For instance Germany passed UK in military strength prior to WWI is incomparable to current relationship between China and USA.
2.In Nye’s view what happened to US-China relations from 2008-2011?
There was a considerable shift in the perception of powers where China feels that it is on the rise at the decline of the USA occasioned due to 2008 recession that hit the financial markets. In brief, the good relationship dipped since the people of China perceived the recession as a decline of USA and their subsequent rise therefore they ascended to super power position.
3. What is the difference between the relative decline and absolute decline of the US in Nye’s
Absolute decline refers to a situation where there is decay or complete exhaustion while relative decline in its part is where the resources present in another country are used more efficiently and effectively.
4.In what area will China eventually surpass the US in Nye’s view?
The GDP of china is likely to surpass the USA (Nye, 2003).
5. According to Nye in what capacity will China NOT surpass the US in the near future?
The military capacity and technology of USA will be ahead of China in near future.
6. How does Nye define soft power?
Is the ability of a nation to appeal to other countries in terms of how it packages itself and national policies which is most aided by the political situations on the domestic front.
7. Why does Nye distinguish the rise of Asia and China from the return of Asia and China?
He mentioned that Asia and China in the past housed close to 70% of world population thereby contributing to the market. In recent years, most of the world population still live in Asia and China yet approximately 20% of world products come from Asia. Thus, it is a return because Asia and China seeks to meet its past contribution to the market by balancing it population and ability.
8.How does China’s recent growth rate compare to its projected growth rate?
China has posted a 6% growth rate in the recent past meaning that the high population it has presents a good opportunity to meet the projection of a double digit economy inn near future.
9. Give an example of a transnational issue discussed by Joseph Nye?
The shift of the center of power from the state players or actors to the non-state players or actors relative to the notion of soft power.
10. How does Nye explain how power is like calories in our diet?
He mentions that too little power like calories is wrong since t can make one to expire or perish. On the other hand, too much power does not represent goodness just like calories in human perspective.
Nye, J. S. (2003). The paradox of American power: Why the worlds only superpower cant go it alone. Oxford University Press. Read More
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